SoftTalk Introduces Privacy Enhancing Feature

SoftTalk Messenger, a Nigerian-owned messaging app, has unveiled a new privacy feature that enables users to chat and make calls without sharing their phone numbers.

SoftTalk Introduces Privacy Enhancing Feature
SoftTalk Introduces Privacy Enhancing Feature

This initiative aims to address privacy concerns associated with sharing personal contact details on chat platforms, offering users a safer and more secure communication experience.

Addressing Privacy Concerns

  • Sharing phone numbers on chat platforms can lead to spam, security breaches, and identity compromise. SoftTalk’s new feature provides a solution by allowing users to communicate using @usernames instead of phone numbers.
  • CEO Simple Azenabor highlights the significance of the new feature in improving the overall user experience. By enabling communication without disclosing phone numbers, the app enhances privacy and security for users.
  • SoftTalk Messenger prioritizes security and privacy, offering users the option to turn off their profiles from the directory for anonymous communication during public searches. This feature ensures safe and private interactions for users.

Data Minimization and Security Measures

Azenabor emphasizes data minimization, storing only necessary information securely and avoiding the collection of personal or financial data without permission. The app utilizes encryption protocols such as RSA-2048 and RC4+ for secure message transfer.

Scalability and Infrastructure Strengthening

  • SoftTalk Messenger is focused on building a secure and scalable backend infrastructure to accommodate its growing user base. The platform supports large group chats with up to 500,000 participants and allows seamless sharing of media and large files.

SoftTalk Messenger’s introduction of the privacy-enhancing feature reflects its commitment to providing a secure and user-friendly messaging experience.

By prioritizing privacy, implementing robust security measures, and exploring advanced technologies, the app aims to strengthen its position as a trusted messaging platform in Nigeria and beyond.



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