TikTok’s New Feature Allows Users to Reset Their ‘For You’ Feed

ciaSocial  TikTok’s new feature allows users to reset their ‘For You’ feed. This simply means that in the event that you get bored of TikTok, you have the option to start afresh all over again.

TikTok’s New Feature Allows Users to Reset Their ‘For You’ Feed

TikTok’s New Feature Allows Users to Reset Their ‘For You’ Feed

Social media platform TikTok is now adding a medium to give the recommendations of users a makeover. The app at the moment is offering users a hard reset on their For You page where they will find recommended videos, the company in a blog post on Thursday said. The new feature in question will remove past interactions on the app and then begin curating recommended videos based on the time of the app from that date of a user.

“When enabled, this feature allows someone to view content on their For You feed as if they just signed up for TikTok,” as per the blog post.

The new feature will be very useful for people who get to find their recommended posts to be stale or out of date with their current interests, the company stated. You can now enable the new feature in content preferences which can be found under settings.

TikTok’s Struggles in the United States

TikTok at the moment is facing continuous scrutiny in the United States over concerns the Chinese government could get access to US users’ data or get to dictate what’s shown on the platform. The Biden administration on Wednesday threatened to ban TikTok if it is not sold. Social media platform, TikTok, has said that it does not share information with the Chinese government and has even proposed its own solution which is a reorganization of its American business.

TikTok Has Been Banned From Government Devices in The US

TikTok has been banned from government devices by many state governments and a bill proposing a wider ban on the other hand has been introduced in the United States House of Representatives.



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