Netflix is Set to Release as Many as 40 Games In 2023

Netflix is set to release as many as 40 games in 2023. The streaming platform has got 16 games currently in development at its in-house gaming studio.

Netflix Is Set To Release As Many As 40 Games In 2023

Netflix Is Set To Release As Many As 40 Games In 2023

Streaming giant Netflix is now doubling down on its expansion into the gaming world. The streaming company on Monday said that it will be adding more 40 games to its platform this very year and it is also working with partners to produce 30 more games. The company additionally has 16 new games currently in production at its in-house game studio.

Netflix has said that it will be releasing new games every single month in 2023, and this is including games from Ubisoft, Mighty Quest: Rogue Palace which is set to make its debut on April 18.

Netflix’s Gaming Strategy

A huge part of the gaming strategy of the company focuses more on developing games that are based on famous Netflix shows. Too Hot to Handle: Love is A Game, which is based on the unscripted dating show of the same name by Netflix is available already on the service and platform. The streaming company is planning to add another Too Hot to Handle in the latter parts of this year.

“The opportunity to expand the worlds of Netflix films and series through games is incredibly exciting to us,” the company in a press release said.

Netflix’s Gaming Adventure Started In 2021

Netflix’s adventure into gaming started in 2021 and it has steadily expanded in the previous year. The company now has a total of 55 games across a variety of genres.

How to 

You can get access to its games by launching Netflix on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device and then making a search for mobile games. Clicking on a game will provide you with its information. Pressing the Get Game button on the other hand will launch the app store, where it will be made available to download onto your device. All games as you should know are included with any Netflix membership.



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