Singapore-ICAO Developing Countries Training Programme 2024 (Daily Allowance of S$60 Singapore Dollars)

The Singapore-ICAO Developing Countries Training Programme (DCTP) 2024, welcomes applications from aspiring aviation professionals from developing nations.

Singapore-ICAO Developing Countries Training Programme

Established in collaboration between Singapore and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in 2001, the DCTP has continually evolved to empower individuals with the expertise needed to excel in the dynamic aviation industry.

Singapore-ICAO Developing Countries Training Programme – Details

Renewed for another triumphant three years, from April 2022 to March 2025, the Singapore-ICAO DCTP reaffirms the unwavering commitment of both the Singaporean Government and the ICAO Technical Cooperation Bureau to foster excellence in aviation education.

Under this program, 330 Fellowships and 10 Scholarships are bestowed upon deserving government officials from eligible developing ICAO Member States, facilitating their participation in specialized training programs hosted by the prestigious Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA).


The benefits of the Singapore-ICAO DCTP include:

  • Training Fees Coverage: The Government of Singapore covers all training fees, relieving participants of any financial burdens associated with course enrollment.
  • Daily Allowance Provision: Each participant is entitled to a daily allowance of Sixty Singapore Dollars (S$60).
  • Hotel Accommodation: Luxurious hotel accommodation is provided for the entire duration of the training program, this ensures a conducive environment for learning and networking.
  • Complimentary Meals: From sumptuous complimentary breakfasts at the hotel to delectable lunches served at the SAA premises during training days, participants are treated to a culinary delight that complements their educational journey.
  • Travel Arrangements: While the program covers an array of expenses, travel arrangements remain the responsibility of the nominating Governments.

Eligibility Requirements

To be considered eligible for the Singapore-ICAO DCTP, applicants must meet the requirements below:

  • Government Nomination: Participants must be nominated by their respective Governments, underscoring the importance of official endorsement and support.
  • Limited Nomination: Nominating Governments are encouraged to nominate a maximum of two candidates per course, with clear priority designation in case of multiple nominations.

How to Apply

Applying for the Singapore-ICAO DCTP is a smooth experience, thanks to the user-friendly online platform:

  • Account Creation: Prospective applicants are required to create an iSAA account, providing them with access to the course application portal.
  • Course Selection: Upon logging in, applicants can select their desired course from the list provided.
  • Application Submission: The application form prompts applicants to fill in essential details and upload requisite documents, including the endorsed nomination form and passport credentials.
  • Confirmation and Acceptance: Successful applicants are notified of their acceptance status eight weeks prior to the course start date, receiving an official Award Letter via email. Subsequent confirmation of acceptance and submission of travel documents finalize the enrollment process.

For more details, visit Singapore-ICAO on—saa/dctp-terms-of-award.pdf

Selection Process

Applicants will be notified of the outcome of their application eight weeks before the course start date, with successful candidates receiving detailed instructions for enrollment.

Application Deadline:

All applications must be submitted by December 15, 2024, ensuring timely processing and consideration.

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