Samsung’s New T9 Portable SSD is Currently $40 Off Right Now

Samsung’s New T9 Portable SSD is currently $40 off right now as it sees its very first discount. If it is that you need a high-speed and capacity drive, then the Samsung T9 is a great option and a portable hard drive that users can easily get their hands on right now at only $200.

Samsung’s New T9 Portable SSD

Samsung’s New T9 Portable SSD

While external hard drives in question are great for expanding storage, they at most times don’t have the read and write speeds to effectively handle more intense activity. That in turn can be anything from gaming on a PC to easily running an application from it, and if it is that you want to do any of that, you will have to go with a higher-end portable SSD such as the Samsung T9.

With a reported capacity for higher speeds as well as a more robust design, the 2TB Samsung T9 in question normally goes for $240 but it is discounted down to $200 at the moment. This as you should know is the very first discount that we have seen on the new T9 SSD and it is a solid 17% saving.

Specs and Features

What sets the Samsung T9 apart from other external hard drives for those that don’t know is its ability to hit an impressive 2,000MBps read and write speeds, which is very much close to the 2,600MBps speeds that an internal NVME SSD can effectively manage. That simply means that you are getting performance speeds that can almost match an internal drive, which reportedly gives you much more room to easily run intense applications such as games or editing software.

Even better, the product in question can sustain those speeds for quite some time, so you really will not get to experience slowdowns or have problems with running apps on the Samsung T9.

Other Notable Features and Perks of the T9 Portable SSD

Running extended read/write activity, of course, can make any external hard drive heat up, but the T9 in question helps mitigate that with its thermal guard. The drive also has 9.5-foot drop protection, which is also very great for those who need a more portable solution without having to worry about handling their external hard drives super carefully. And add to that the five-year limited warranty, and you are getting an overall excellent deal for just $200.



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