Samsung’s 2024 Soundbars are now Slimmer and Better for Gaming

Samsung’s 2024 soundbars are now slimmer and better for gaming. Samsung has now unveiled the HW-G60C gaming soundbar and the HW-Q990D flagship, plus a host of slimline models.

Samsung’s 2024 Soundbars for Gaming

Samsung’s 2024 Soundbars for Gaming

Tech company Samsung has now unveiled its range of 2024 soundbars which is inclusive of an update on the flagship of the previous year, as well as a new model that solely focused on gaming.

The HW-Q990D Soundbar as you should know is an 11.1.4-channel speaker that sports onboard voice assistance as well as a SmartThings IoT hub. The HW-990D makes use of several Samsung studio technologies and this is inclusive of Q-Symphony 3.0 which as you should know integrates with Samsung TV speakers as well as the Spacelif calibration routine.

Specs and Features of the Soundbars

The HW-G60C Soundbar is one compact soundbar that looks set to take on both the Sonos Beam and Razer Leviathan V2 with its much more compact dimensions, beamforming Atmos audio as well as built-in streaming. This as you should know is due to the fact that the Samsung is designed for both TV sets and gaming PCs and it also includes customizable LED lighting. The soundbar as you should know boasts four onboard microphones that are for both smart assistance control as well as in-game communications. The G60C on the other hand boasts connectivity that is inclusive of HDMI (ARC), AirPlay 2, Chromecast, and USB built-in.

And just so you know, the firm is also introducing three ultra-slim soundbars which are the HW-S800D, HW-S801D, and the HW-700D. the 46-inch wide HW-S800D is in regards to a third of the original depth of conventional soundbars, as per the company claims, and it is also designed to match a wall-mounted TV. The HW-S700D meanwhile is much smaller at just 1.5-inches deep and 35-inches wide and the company has stated that it will be complementing 55-inch and smaller TVs.

Pricing and Availability

In regards to the availability and pricing of these soundbars, Samsung is yet to make an announcement.



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