Ronaldo Net Worth – How Much Is The Soccer Star Worth

Who is Ronaldo and what is his net worth? Christiano Ronaldo’s net worth as of 2022 is estimated to be roughly $500 million thus making him one of the richest athletes in the world.

Ronaldo Net Worth

Ronaldo Net Worth

Who is Christiano Ronaldo? The name Ronaldo is almost like a household name these days. And if you are a soccer fan, then you should already know who this person is. Christiano Ronaldo is a professional soccer player for those people who still do not know who he is.

Christiano Ronaldo’s Santos Aveiro is mostly at times considered one of the best players to ever grace the soccer world and is also regarded as one of the greatest of all times. Currently, the professional soccer player is plying his trade with the English team Manchester United and also the Portuguese national team.

Early Life

The professional soccer player, Christiano Ronaldo was born on the 5th day of February 1985 on the island of Madeira. The player is the youngest of four comprising two elder sisters and an elder brother. Growing up, life was not always easy with Ronaldo and his family. The father drank a lot and the mother had to work two different jobs in order to maintain stability for the family.

He started playing football on the island of Madeira and by the time he was 12 years old he started to make a name for himself. At the age of 16, he became the first-ever Portuguese player of Manchester united.


The career of Ronaldo started when he was just 16 years old in 2002. He was then signed for a record fee of 12 million pounds to Manchester united. In Manchester United, he played as a midfielder for three years before he had his major breakout in 2006. He went on to score more than 100 goals for Manchester United before he signed with Real Madrid in 2009. And before the move, he had already won the Balon dor award with the English club.

In real Madrid, the skills of Ronaldo and his record-breaking continued to grow. The player scored a record-breaking 200 goals in 197 appearances.  Many clubs were however tracking his career and they all attempted to sign him at a point in time throughout the years.

Ronaldo appeared in more than 438 games for real Madrid and also scored 451 goals. Ronaldo’s Real Madrid records are impeccable no doubt and all these helped him to win various prestigious awards and also the player of the year award several times.

Ronaldo alongside Lionel Messi is the only soccer player to win the Balon dor award for 10 straight years until Luca Modric of Real Madrid won it in 2018. Recently Ronaldo has made transfers to Juventus and then later made a return to Manchester united. All through his career, Ronaldo has dedicated himself to improving himself as a sportsperson and as a soccer player.

How Ronaldo Spends His Money

It’s no longer news that Ronaldo is one of the highest-paid athletes in the world. According to Forbes, the player made $109 million in 2019. This at the time made him the second highest paid athlete only behind Lionel Messi.

Over 40% of his income was from the endorsement deals he has with companies and brands such as Nike, Tag Heuer, and Claire Haircare. His deal with Nike all through the source of his life would be worth a billion dollars.

Ronaldo also has a thing or two for cars as he drives a Lamborghini Aventador which costs him a whopping $350,000. He also added a Rolls Royce to his collection in 2019 which costs him $360,000. The soccer player also has a $6.2 million villa in La Finca and an $18.5 million worth apartment in manhattans trump tower.

Ronaldo has also spent some of his fortunes in his football-themed hotel in his hometown of Madeira, Portugal. He also owns a stretch of private land on Madeira Island and reportedly paid close to $30,000 to have a wax statue of himself made and taken to his home.


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