Russell Brand Net Worth – Biography, Early Life And Career

Who is Russell Brand and what is his net worth? The net worth of Russell Brand as of 2022 is estimated to be approximately $20 million. The versatile actor is well known all over the globe and in the movie industry. But how much do you really know him? Continue reading to find out everything about him, from his early life to his career.

Russell Brand Net Worth

Russell Brand Net Worth

Russell Edward Brand is an English comedian, radio host, actor, and author from grays.  The versatile actor first got recognized when he worked as the host of big Brother big mouth. Brand got his very first major movie role in the romantic comedy-drama film ‘forgetting Sarah Marshall’. And ever since then he has also worked as a voice actor and comedian.

Early Life

The actor and comedian was born in grays, England on the 4th day of July in 1975 as Russell Edward brand. He is the only child of Ronald Henry brand and Barbara Elizabeth. Brands’ parents got divorced when he was just six months old and he was therefore raised by his mother.

His mother contracted uterine cancer and then later breast cancer after just one year when he was at the tender age of 8. When the actor was 16 years old he left home due to disagreements he was having with the partner of his mother. The situation however led him to illegal drugs such as cannabis, ecstasy, and LSD.


Russell Brand always has had a sharp personality and a creative set of mind. The actor and comedian portrayed his talent to the public by performing a stand-up comedy at the Hackney Empire New Act of The Year in 2000. And during that time, he toured many nightclubs in England and Ibiza for the show known as ‘dancefloor Chart’ on MTV.

In 2002 he left MTV and started to work as a host with Matt Morgan. He has also appeared on ‘cruise of the gods’ and ‘white teeth’. The actor’s breakthrough however came in 2004 when he hosted ‘big brothers E-Forum’.

Brand was offered a lot of work in 2005 and one of them was to perform on the television and to also perform in BBC’s sitcom ‘Blesses’. And during this time, he got a British TV debate comedy show also known as ‘Russell Brand’s Got Issues’ which at the time then made him into a household name.

The actor did a stellar job in the romantic comedy movie titled ‘Arthur’ in 2011 which was the remake of the original 1981 film. The movie also did well commercially and for its performance got nominated for teen choice award and the 32nd Golden Raspberry Awards.

Ever since then Russell Brand has created a name for himself both in the movie and comedy industries. He began to star in movies such as ‘get him to the Greek’ (2010), ‘Trolls’ (2016), “forgetting Sarah Marshall’ (2008), ‘rock of ages’ (2012), and ‘Arthur’ (2011).

Brand has worked and collaborated with many actors in the industry such as Mila Kunis, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel, Adam Sandler, Paul Rudd, Sean Combs, and many more.


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