The Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship 2024-25 At Harvard Law School in USA – APPLY NOW

Harvard Law School in the United States is inviting Individuals who exhibit passion and intelligence in the legal profession, for a fantastic opportunity to receive the prestigious Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship 2024-25. This path is for you if your professional goal is to study law and teach it to others.

Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship

Amazingly, there is no discrimination regarding the applicant’s Age, Nationality, Origin, Race, Gender, Sex, Religion, pregnancy and associated conditions, and any other legally protected characteristic.

The Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship for Law Teaching is a fantastic opportunity provided by Harvard School. It lasts for just one year and will teach you the cutting-edge legal methodologies and approaches you need to succeed in the legal field.

Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship 2024-25 – Details

The goal of the Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship at Harvard Law School in USA, is to give legal aspirants the chance to do their part to advance human rights and bring justice to society.

Successful Candidates or Participants will receive an annual stipend of $55,000 from the fellowship. Additionally, the participants will be assisted by this international fellowship while living at the Harvard School of Law throughout their time in Cambridge.

You will have the opportunity to interact with legal procedures in a setting where you may learn how to address business issues amicably without escalating problems between the parties.

Benefits of the Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship 2024-25:

  • You will be eligible for a $55,000 stipend each year as a Fellow in the Harvard Law School Fellowship.
  • You will have accommodations provided in the Harvard Law School residence.
  • You’ll learn about society’s legal difficulties.
  • In a real-world situation, you will be aware of the legal proceedings.
  • Your knowledge of the advocacy for human rights is increased.
  • The ability to communicate in legal jargon will be improved.
  • Additionally, you will have the opportunity to observe classes and workshops at the Harvard Law School.
  • You will be assigned a work and research schedule by the Lewis Committee, and you are expected to follow it in order to finish the assignments quickly and effectively.

Requirements for Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship

  • The fellowship is available to recent law graduates worldwide.
  • Age or gender discrimination does not apply.
  • Candidates must be passionate about a career in law or teaching.
  • The legal field must interest the candidate.
  • You must be familiar with the famous Reginald F. Lewis, a law school graduate, and his wife Loida Nicolas Lewis.
  • You must produce at least one piece of writing for publication.
  • Those in the selection pool who have the desire to diversify the legal academy are given preference.

Application Process for the Reginald F. Lewis Fellowship 2024-25 in USA

Application Deadline

October 05, 2023.

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