The New Samsung Series (Galaxy F): Specs And Release Date

Did you know that Samsung has already launched the galaxy f series some weeks ago in India? The year 2020 has been a testing one really. Personally, I think the year is a mixed one. It has been mixed all through, with a whole lot of ups and downs. With everything going on with the coronavirus and all, there are still lots of positives to take from the year. One of the most active industries so far in the world during this trying period is the tech industry. Microsoft and Sony of course are expected to launch their much-anticipated consoles. And in terms of smartphones, Apple and Samsung one of the big names in the game have been serving fans all over the world with some next-gen stuff. And one of the latest in the market is the new Samsung series (galaxy F).

The New Samsung Series (Galaxy F)

The launch of the new Samsung series (galaxy F) was on the 8th of October, 5:30 pm to be precise. The launch of this series is said to kick off in India as mentioned already in this article. But users all over the world are of course skeptical. Some persons are optimistic about this new product that just hit the market. Others on the other hand are pessimist. They think that the new device will not be so different from what they have been seeing and are used to. Bu this however is not the case. The expectation of this new series is that Samsung will focus on cameras. Well, this is according to reports. Besides the fact that the parent company will be focusing more on cameras, what do we know so far? Continue reading to find out more about the Samsung Galaxy F series.

More Information On The Samsung Galaxy F Series

According to reports based on the Samsung event, the galaxy f series will feature a whopping 6,000mAh battery. It will also feature a super AMOLED infinity-U display. Another prominent feature of this device is a triple camera with a 64-megapixel main camera that is about 6.5 inches in size. For users who are skeptical and curious about the camera of this device. Samsung will go for small but very useful features that are not always seen on mid-range devices. And this includes optical image stabilization, larger sensors, and specialized lenses. This device will run an Exynos 9611 SoC. It will also have a 6GB ram and run on android 10. Of course, the Exynos is a step down from the snapdragon 730, but it will be around the snapdragon 665 level.

The device as already mentioned and announced was launched in India. Despite the competitive market in the region, Samsung has chosen to use the place as a testing ground. The device is expected to move to other regions of the world with time though just like they did with the M series. The last time out was quite easy, but I don’t think this time it would that simple and easy and Samsung understands this perfectly.


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