How to Use the F Keys on a Mac

Here I would be giving you information on how to use the F keys on a Mac. Found at the top of your Mac keyboard is the collection of keys that features an F Followed by numbers from 1 – 12. These keys are recognized as the Mac Function keys, and it enables you to change certain settings and reach Mac features a lot faster, with the press of a couple of keys.

How to Use the F Keys on a Mac

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F Keys on a Mac

The F1 through F12 Function keys carry their very own special alternate commands. These keys are given the title enhanced keys. Enhanced function keys offer quick access to commands that are frequently used commands that would assist in increasing your productivity. These commands typically get printed above or on the keys.

Why Are the Function Keys Useful?

If you ever decided to make use of a keyboard shortcut, then you should know just how simple, fast and reliable they can be. The time it takes for you to move your hand to your mouse or your trackpad and navigate to the action that you would like to take effect is cut short all thanks to the shortcut. The function keys work exactly the same way, and it saves you time as you work, surf the internet, or play a video game.

With some apps, you should be able to customize the function keys to fit your preferences. Also, you can change your function keys and make them match what you are used to by remapping them. If there is an action that you usually take while using your Mac, the functions can make it happens faster.

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How to Use Functions keys

The function keys are set to be used without any other keystrokes. All you have to do is to press the key to activate the function that you need to perform. The function would automatically activate.

However, if you wish to change this, you can use system preferences to enable the standard function keys.

The Function of Each F Key

Below I would be highlighting all the Function keys and the functions they were designed to handle on your Mac. They include:

  • F1: This key was designed to reduce the brightness of your screen
  • F2: increases your screen brightness
  • F3: it activates expose view, and would show you every app that it is running
  • F4: it showcases your apps and then launched the dashboard for access to widgets
  • F5: For the backlit keyboards, F5 Decreases the brightness of the keyboard
  • F6: For backlit keyboards, it reduces the brightness of the keyboard
  • F7: it usually restarts a music track or jumps to the previous track
  • F8: it plays or pauses a music track or other content
  • F9: Skip’s a Music track of fast forward
  • F10: Mute’e the Mac
  • F11: Reduces volume
  • F12: Increases Volume

How to Enable Standard Function Keys

Follow the steps highlighted below, to enable the standard function keys:

  • On your mac, click launchpad > System Preferences
  • From this point on, click on the keyboard, then click Use F1, F2, etc. keys as standard function keys.
  • Now, you would be required to press the Fn key located in the lower left corner of your keyboard plus the corresponding function key to get the action completed.

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How Can I Use the Function Keys if my Mac has a Touch Bar?

To do this, press and then hold the function (fn) key on your keyboard in other to display the function keys found on the Touch bar. Then press the function key that you would like to appear in the touch bar.

Why are the F Keys not Working on Mac?

Select preference from your Apple drop-down menu. Right on the system preferences dialog box, select your keyboard icon. Be sure to deselect the F1, F2, etc. keys as standard functions keys and check the box.

How do I Change the Function Keys on my Mac?

Launch the apple menu and then select the system preference > keyboard > keyboard > modifier keys. Select choose a Function key and use the Pop-up menu to designate an action for it. if you ever decide to change the function key back to what they were originally, select “Restore Defaults.”

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