Intel Raptor Lake Flagship CPU Leak Reveals 8GHz Overclock

Intel raptor lake flagship CPU leak reveals 8GHz overclock – with the velociraptor, 8GHz is just the start.

Intel Raptor Lake Flagship CPU Leak Reveals 8GHz Overclock

Intel Raptor Lake Flagship CPU Leak Reveals 8GHz Overclock

The flagship CPU of Intel’s raptor lake already has hit 8GHz in its pre-release overclocking thus lending more weight to the notion that 13th-gen processors are going to be very tempting for enthusiasts who will like to get the best out of their silicon.

As reported by Wccftech, the overclock core i9-13900K got to bang-on 8GHz, but with all of the usual possibilities to be considered, such as whether it really is genuine. The very article contends that an anonymous overclocker managed the feat on a Z790 motherboard and a reported high-end variant at that. But no names or brands were made mentioned of.

There Seems To Be a Veil of Secrecy around This Very Development

That being said, there seems to be a veil of secrecy around this very one. The supposed voltage applied was 1.792V. And as you may have guessed, exotic cooling was required in order to achieve 8GHz (liquid nitrogen). You should also know that only the performance cores were left running with no efficiency cores active and then hyper-threading was also disabled.

Intel Has Not Had a CPU Cross beyond the 8GHz Threshold for Overclocks for a Long Time Now

And as Wccftech points out, Intel for a long time running now has not had a CPU cross beyond the 8GHz threshold for overclocks, over a decade now to be precise. Comet Lake although was not all that far off with the flagship Core i9-10900K managing to achieve 7.7GHz.

This is really a great and excellent speed considered, but it was not all that close to 8GHz, which is a point where all the top all-time overclocking records tend to be sitting. The fastest ever one, going by HWBOT’s ranking, being 8.72GHz also with an AMD FX-8370, an 8-core processor back from 2014.


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