How to Fix a Control Center that is not Working on iPhone

In this article, I would be giving you details on how to How to Fix a Control Center that is not Working on iPhone and other information that would be vital to you.

How to Fix a Control Center that is not Working on iPhone

The control center feature is quite a hand and it provides instant access to the most essential controls on your iPhone, Airplane Mode, Flashlight, and Volume. Focus Mode, Wi-fi and Bluetooth, screen brightness, and whatever other shortcuts that you would want to add to the menu.

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How to Fix a Control Center that is not Working on iPhone

Making use of the control center is quite different depending on the model of the iPhone that you are making use of. If you are using an iPhone X or newer models, you would pull up the control center by swiping down from the top-right corner of the screen, which is where you would find the battery indicator. On your iPhone 8 or older models, you should be able to open it by swiping up from the bottom edge of your screen.

Because it is very convenient, it can be a major bummer if you cannot find that the control center is not working on your iPhone. In other to get out of that jam and bring all your important settings back to your fingertips, here is how to fix your iPhone Control center if it won’t work. We would troubleshoot for a few reasons this might be happening, and then proffer solutions to help fix the issue.

Why is the Control Center Not Working on my iPhone?

Here I would be giving you some of the most common reasons why your iPhone’s Control center might get stuck or inaccessible:

  • Your touch-screen sensor might have issues. If your iPhone’s screen has been damaged, some parts pf the screen might turn out to be unresponsive, and that might be what is preventing your from accessing the control center.
  • An iOS update failed to download or properly get installed correctly. If an update is interrupted or is incomplete, some things might fail to work fine on your iPhone, including the control center.
  • iOS is an amazing platform, but it still gets attacked by glitches, and those could be the culprit for a stuck or frozen control center.
  • You decided to turn off the control center access found inside apps. This feature is enabled by default, but if it has been disabled, the control center would not work when you are making use of your iPhone’s home screen or lock screen.
  • Probably the voiceover features is turned on. The Voiceover feature is an accessibility feature that speaks items on the screen, and it changes just how some of the features, including the control center, work on the iPhone.

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Fixing a Control Center That Won’t Swipe up or Down

Now that we have identified all the possible issues, I would be giving you some fixes for a control center that would not work on your iPhone:

Clean your iPhone Screen

Sometimes dirt on your iPhone screen might make the screen unresponsive to touch, hence the stuck or frozen control center. Make use of a Microfiber cloth. To get an even better wipe-down, take out the screen protector and phone case, and then retry opening the control center once when you’re done.

Update to the Latest Version of iOS

Updating your iPhone would fix the glitches and the bugs that are probably responsible for the faulty control center. Thankfully it is a lot easier for you to update the iOS version.

Enable Control Center Access Within Apps and Access When Locked

In other to do this, head over to the settings > control center and toggle on the switch next to “Access Within Apps.” If you have a more specific problem of the control center not working when your iPhone is locked, you need a different fix. Head to the settings > Face ID and Passcode, then enter your passcode and scroll down to the section titled “Allow access when locked,” and then toggle on the switch for the control center.

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How Do I Reset My Control Panel

Alternatively, you might execute a factory reset using just a single button right on top of the control center making use of the following sequence: one quick press, then one long press and hold (~20 seconds). The LED would blink once after holding down the button for about 10 seconds and again at 20 seconds.

How Do I Get my Control Center Back on iPhone?

In other to open the control center, swipe down from the top right corner of your screen. To close the control center, swipe up directly from the bottom of the screen and tap the screen.

How Do I Fore Restart My iPhone

Press and quickly release the volume up button, press and release the volume down button quickly, then press and hold the side button. Once the apple logo appears, release the button.

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