Get a Refurbished HomePod Mini for Just $65 Today

Get a refurbished HomePod mini for just $65 today. For one of the best deals you will get to see today, you can now add a refurbished HomePod Mini for way less than the original price today. And you should also know that these refurb smart speakers should look like brand new.

Refurbished HomePod Mini

Refurbished HomePod Mini

When it comes to smart speakers, there are tons of options available on the market currently. And if you are invested in Apple’s ecosystem, the odds here are that you are interested in the HomePod or HomePod Mini, as they are one of the most compatible with other Apple devices. The one downside to them can however be their price, with the HomePod mini usually priced at around $100 and it rarely goes on sale. And right about now, BuySpry through eBay has refurbished units that are in excellent condition that are marked down to just $65. You can select from space gray, white, orange, blue, and yellow at the moment, although odds are these devices will begin to sell out.

The HomePod Mini Review

The HomePod mini is the smallest smart speaker from Apple, and it packs a great audio punch with some serious smarts. During a recent review of the HomePod Mini, it was noticed that “the HomePod Mini hits the sweet spot. It does a good job of balancing audio. You still get plenty of bass without sacrificing clarity. I even found myself noticing parts in songs I hadn’t noticed before, thanks to its clear sound separation.”

Conditions of the Refurbished HomePod Mini

It is however worth noting that even though these are refurbished units, BuySpry which is the eBay seller at this point has listed the condition of these as “All HomePods are thoroughly tested and are in complete working order. The device is in Like New (9 out of 10) cosmetic condition. Item will be shipped in generic packaging and includes generic accessories. All purchases include a 60-day seller warranty.” That simply means that they should still look and perform like they are new.



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