Apple HomePod Review – Apple HomePod Pros And Cons

It wouldn’t be a strange thing to check out an Apple HomePod Review as an Apple lover. Sure, you could be an iPhone user, but accessing just their smartphones is not all you could love.

Apple HomePod Review

To get the most out of some gadgets you possess, you might need the right accessories, especially from Apple. As a music lover, you might want a good speaker.

For Apple, it is called an HomePod. And this can help bring life into parties at home and other places without hiring a DJ. There are lots of speakers and home theatre systems already made, but the Apple HomePod is great among all.

Apple HomePod Review

An Apple HomePod is a speaker developed by Apple. It offers a quality sound of music and that’s what most music lovers enjoy.

The HomePod is among the best smart speakers you might need to check out. And that’s why this Apple HomePod Review is just the right place to give you this information about the device.

Apple HomePod Specs

This is always the first part consumers always check out. The specs and design of a tech is the major reason one might want to get this device.

Apple HomePod is light weighing almost 5.5 pounds. Audios being played from the HomePod are of different formats which are HE-AAC (V1), MP3, and all other audio formats.

Just the same way Apple has been at the top tech position due to what they offer, the HomePod isn’t a disappointment. It is easy to set up as you just have to get your iPhone close to the device and it will detect automatically.

A light indicator is at the top of the HomePod to notify the user it is on. There is an additional amplifier and microphones for good quality sound production.

Apple HomePod Pros And Cons

All products always have the best and worst parts. Here are some of the pros (advantages) and cons (disadvantages) of the Apple HomePod:

Pros of Apple HomePod

The good part of this product:

  • You can control the device without stress.
  • It has a powerful loud sound.
  • Packs a loud, clear sound with treble and bass that makes it right for noise cancellation.
  • Users listening to acoustic music are offered great sound.
  • The design is extremely cool.
  • You can still get your calls when connected to an iPhone.

Now to the cons.

Cons of Apple HomePod

Here are some of its setbacks:

  • It is an expensive product.
  • Does not support radio playing.
  • There is no Bluetooth connection allows, unlike other speakers. Strictly connects to iPhone only.
  • Cannot be connected to more than one device.

And there you get it.


The product Apple is known for producing a good quality product. Products from this company include iPhone, iPad, Mac, HomePod, etc.

If you have always wanted to listen to clear good quality music, then you ought to give Apple HomePod a try. All the experience you can’t get from other speakers and home theatres can all be accessed on the Apple HomePod.

I hope this Apple HomePod Review helps you decide whether to get this device. And also to have given you the majors about the device.

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