Apple is Working on A New HomePod

Apple is Working on A New HomePod. Four years after the release of its first-ever smart speaker – the first generation Apple HomePod – The company seems to be getting ready for a much improved, feature-packed successor. Initial reports talk about the upcoming smart speaker that will have additional features that one does not typically associate with smart speakers.

Apple is Working on A New HomePod

Apple is Working on A New HomePod

As stated by Mark Gurman of Bloomberg, this new HomePod would be an entirely new product from the ground straight up. The model is most likely to be the centerpiece of the company’s future home-focused products.

Gurman talks about what he thinks concerning the upcoming HomePod via his latest power on the newsletter. He believes that this new model would be putting together the features of the HomePod, an Apple TV, and a FaceTime camera. Also, he indicates that Apple has no plans to refresh the existing HomePod mini with a new model anytime soon. As a matter of fact, he focused on the possibility of the HomePod Mini being an accessory to an entirely new ecosystem of Home-centric Apple products that are in the making reportedly.

The Sequel Would Arrive After the First HomePod

This is not the very first time that we have heard Gurman talking about Apple’s Plans for a revamped HomePod sporting a Camera for Video calling Features. As of 2021, he claimed that Apple would be working on a HomePod-like product that would combine the elements of an Apple TV box, that offered it the ability to control video playback and gaming.

Aside from the standard Smart Speaker features like making use of Siri for queries and controlling music playback. Back then, Apple was reportedly very early in working on the product, and there were chances of Apple offering the product completely or refining it further in other to ensure it does not face the fate of the first-generation HomePod.

The original HomePod that was announced back in 2017, was riddled with issues right from the very beginning. Initially intended to be available on sale in December 2017, Apple had to postpone the launch to February 2018. When the product finally went on sale, it was sold at $349 price tag putting off many users. Even though the product got rave reviews for its excellent sound quality, people didn’t think that factor alone was enough to command such a premium price tag. And on March 2021, it was discontinued.


Eventually, the HomePod was succeeded by the much smaller, and less expensive HomePod Mini, which was launched late in 2020. This model saw greater success than the original HomePod and Apple still kept on selling it. It is yet to be seen how different a product the upcoming Apple HomePod would eventually turn out to be, but the even bigger question is if Apple would even market the upcoming device as a HomePod.


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