How to Record a Google Meet Meeting – Who Can Record a Meeting

How to Record a Google Meet Meeting would be great for you since there are tons of reasons why you would want to record your Google Meet meetings. Probably you are hosting a job interview that you might need to watch again, or need to record some important meeting notes.

How to Record a Google Meet Meeting

Google Meet 

A lot of schools and colleges also make use of Google Meet as the service is free and already integrated right into Google workspace, a collection of useful online productivity apps that includes Google Docs and Google Sheets that rivals a lot of the products that are found in the Microsoft 365 such as Microsoft word and excel.

What this means is that a large number of people across a range of different backgrounds and demographics rely on Google Meet as their major means of online communication. So actually saving a call to once again listen to it again later could be practical if you want t record a lecture or lesson for later study, or perhaps even sentimental chats with a friend or a family.

Whatever the reason is for recording a meeting using the Google meet service is a lot easier than you think. This Guide would be taking you step-by-step through how to record Google meet meetings, and how to troubleshoot if you actually run into any issues.

How to Record a Google Meet Meeting

While almost all Google Meetings can get recorded, that does not actually mean that any meeting participant can begin their recording. If you are making use of Google meet on your work or school device then you might need to get meeting recordings enabled by your IT admin.

You can record if you are the one hosting the meeting, or in the same organization as those organizing the event. For example, if you happen to be a school teacher making use of an official school or company Google Workspace account, then your student can also record the meetings as long as their email address is also coming from the same organization.

Who Can Record a Google Meet Meeting

This varies a little bit depending on the type of Google Workspace account your company or school has.

Education Fundamentals or Education Standard Accounts

Here, recording is not allowed, and you would be required to upgrade to the education plus or teaching and learning upgrade editions of Google Workspace for Education to enable the recording function

Teaching and Learning Upgrade Accounts

Anybody that is in the same organization as the meeting organizer can record a meeting if they want to.

Education Plus

Teachers/Staff or Students can start recording meetings they organize and meetings that are organized by someone right in their organization.

Start Recording

For you to start recording a meeting, you are expected to first join a meeting. When you have started or joined a call, take a look at the bottom of the call window and click on activities. You can then select “recording” >Start Recording > “Start” providing you all the right permissions that have been mentioned above.

Also, you can find the recording function another way, by accessing three dots located right on the Google Meet taskbar right next to the phone receiver symbol. This would launch open another menu, where ‘Record Meeting” should pop up as the second option from the top.

A notification box would pop up making you aware of the legality of recording meetings and the importance of consent. For data protection and privacy, this would notify everybody in the call that the meeting is being recorded, so it is best that you alert your colleagues or students that the call is being recorded prior to joining.

Once the recording has started, a small red box would appear at the top left of the screen that reads “REC” so that you would be aware if the meeting is being recorded. If a participant decides to turn on live captions during recording, the captions would not be recorded and do not open when you play the recording.

End Recording

Once you are done recording, or the meeting is about to end, you would have to end the recording. You can do this by selecting the option to the right of the screen that states ‘stop recording’.

Once you do this, you would be notified by Google meet that the video would be saved to a Google Drive file. This drive location varies depending on the organizer, but it will always be inside your organization’s Google Workspace account.


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