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Are you interested in How to Upload Music to Spotify? What if you open the Spotify app, and it does not have the one album that you want to listen to? Well, you can choose to upload your own music files to Spotify – super handy if you have an extensive collection of B-sides, remixes, and live performances that are yet to enter the app.

How to Upload Music to Spotify

Spotify Music

You can choose to play these local files in the Spotify desktop app – or, if you are in possession of a premium account, in the mobile app when you are on the move.

In this guide, I would be taking you through all the steps required to upload your own music to Spotify, whether you are making use of the streaming service that is on your desktop, or on a mobile device.

How to Upload Music to Spotify

On Desktop

The steps stated below would help you with uploading songs to Spotify using your desktop. They are easy steps, so they should not be hard for you. The process includes:

  • First, launch the Spotify desktop app right on your computer or your laptop. After that, click username on the top-right corner, and select settings.
  • Once the app is launched, scroll down to local files, and then turn on the slider that says show local files. By default, Spotify would show files from your downloads and Music Library folders right on your computer.
  • Store your music somewhere else? You can choose to add more by hitting the button that states Add a Source and selecting the relevant folder right in the popup
  • Click your library in the menu located at the top left section of your screen. You should see a tile for your local Files with the rest of your playlists and liked songs
  • Any audio files that you choose to place on the folder that you selected in your settings would now appear in your local files playlist automatically

On Mobile Device/Tablet

Follow the steps stated below if you want to upload Music to Spotify right on your Mobile Device/Tablet. The steps include:

  • First, you would have to make a playlist of your local files. Right on your desktop app, click on create playlist right on the left sidebar – a new unnamed playlist that would appear in the menu below
  • After that, navigate to your local files right in your library. Drag and Drop the files that you want into your playlist.
  • After that, launch the Spotify app on your mobile device – after that, be sure to locate the devices on your local network
  • Head straight to settings
  • Then local files and the switch on local audio files. A popup would appear to select ok to proceed

After doing this, your playlist and local file would appear right in your library. In order to listen to them offline, head over to settings then Playback, and switch on Offline.


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