Speech To Text Software – Best Speech To Text Software Right Now

By the word Speech To Text Software; these are dictations apps that can help transcribe your meetings, classes, or comments into sharable notes. This software is useful for busy schedule users, as they no longer need to type a long note anymore. You can just read whatever you want to note down, and this software will assist write it down.

Speech To Text Software

There are a lot of Speech To Text Software to do the correct job. But in this article, I will be noting down the reviewed best you can access. Some are paid software, while some can be accessed for free as well as paid for an upgrade.

Speech To Text Software

It can also be referred to as Voice-to-text apps. And they are useful tools that allow a user to take notes, translate real-time conversations, and even send quick mail.

This software lets you transcribe audio into text, and this has been practically useful in today’s activities.

Best Speech To Text Software

Here are some of the best Speech To Text Software you can get to check out right away:

Dragon Anywhere

This software application now costs $14.99 per month or $149.99 per year. It can also be referred to as Dragon Speak or Dragon Dictation.

It is one of the most popular audio-to-text converters known worldwide. There are a lot of impressive features.  It offers new users a one-week free trial.

There is the availability of a feature called Custom Words. It allows you to show the app the spelling and pronunciation of terms you use frequently. It can be names, slang, and even curse words.

Notes App

This is a Free Speech To Text Software application. It is preinstalled on every iOS and macOS device. Through its simplicity, the app has many functions, like the ability to scan old photos.

You can as well use this app to take notes by voice only. Users just have to tap on the microphone at the bottom right section of their device. Ensure that voice typing is enabled by toggling on Enable Dictation on your iPhone keyboard settings.

Unlike other apps, this app won’t censor you if you happen to slip up and use an explicative. So, ensure you review your notes before submitting them, especially for education or professional setting.


This app has a free basic usage plan. But users can subscribe to the $8.33 per month usage, with better experience and features.

It has a free basic plan that includes 600 minutes of recordings with a maximum of 40 minutes long. While the paid plan can get to 6,000 minutes with a maximum of 4 hours long.

The unique feature of this app is that it is extremely sensitive to sound. It records audio as well as creates a transcript of written notes.

If you are searching for a note and you forgot the name, then you can get it by searching for a keyword. You can listen to individual words by tapping on the text in each note.


This is a popular note-taking and document-sharing app used in schools or businesses. It offers a free plan that allows 60MB of new uploads each month syncing over two devices, and searching for text on images.

It also lets you take notes using your voice with the phone’s built-in dictation function. During sign-up, you will be asked if you want to sign up for the premium plan.

It is similar to Notes App as they both use the built-in dictation function on your device.

Dictation – Speech to Text

It costs $4.49 per month or $12.99 per year. This Speech To Text Software has a clunky-looking layout but is more functional.

It is intuitive to use and makes it easy to save notes with other apps. Among the best options is the ability to change languages with just a few taps.

There is a free trial offered to users without signing up with their credit card. This free trial lets you dictate about 73 words indefinitely.

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