The New IPad 2021: What’s Improved On the 2021 IPad Mini?

Follow me on this article and let’s find out what’s new about the new iPad this 2021. According to THEVERGE, with the announcement and impending release of the new iPad Mini and its revamped design, it might be all too easy to stand the new model and completely write off its predecessor.

The New IPad 2021

While the new model has a lot to offer namely a larger screen, faster processor, refined design akin to the 2020 iPad Air, and a USB-C port it also has a quality that is not so desirable: a higher introductory price.

The New IPad 2021

The iPad Mini line has been notoriously discount-immune over the years, possibly because of its specialized position in the market and lack of competition.

The outgoing iPad Mini only recently started receiving significant discounts, falling to $300 soon before the new model was announced, but it started at $399 from the get-go. The new iPad Mini starts at $499 before you add anything further, like extra storage or 5G connectivity.

What’s Improved On the 2021 IPad Mini?

Below are the things that are improved on the iPad mini 2021;

  • The new iPad Mini has a bigger screen in a slightly smaller physical footprint
  • Apple’s A15 Bionic processor replaces the aging A12 Bionic from 2018
  • The front camera has more resolution and supports Center Stage to zoom in and keep you centered during video calls
  • The rear camera is higher resolution and can now record 4K video
  • USB-C all the things! (except iPhones, sadly)
  • No more Apple Pencil sticking out of the port to charge: second-gen Apple Pencil neatly attaches to the side to charge magnetically
  • Wi-Fi 6 compatibility
  • 5G connection on cellular models for potentially faster speeds than LTE, though lacking mmWave 5G radio bands

The above are the adjustments made to the new iPad.

The Camera Tech of the IPad Mini

A 12MP ultrawide front camera replaces the 7MP selfie cam from 2019. More resolution on the front camera may not sound like the most important thing in the world, but the big appeal should be that the new iPad Mini supports Center Stage for keeping you centered during video calls.

The quality has also been improved, while still 1080p, it has improved dynamic range with more frame rate options for video and Smart HDR 3 for photos. As for the rear camera, there are similar resolution and recording gains with a 12MP sensor and brighter f/1.8 aperture, replacing the prior 8MP @ f/2.4.

The faster aperture should be helpful in low light, and for when it’s way too dark there’s now a quad-LED True Tone flash where the 2019 model had no flash at all. On the video side, the new model is the first in the iPad Mini line to offer 4K video recording at up to 60fps.

Similarities of the Both Models

Below are some of the things that are the same on both models;

  • While the new screen is larger, it has the same number of pixels per inch
  • Both screens are laminated to minimize the gap between the cover glass and the screen
  • Maximum brightness of 500 units for both panels
  • Touch ID fingerprint sensors are present on both just in different locations
  • Apple quotes the same battery life for both
  • Storage capacity still starts at 64GB
  • Weight is practically identical (within 8 grams)
  • Both run iPadOS 15

There is so much more to know about this new iPad. You can get more details on the new iPad by visiting this link.


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