Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Review

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Review – Many of you already have heard of the Gorilla Mode Pre Workout product as the product has built quite a reputation over the past few months. With that being said here is my own Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Review.

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Review

Gorilla Mode Pre Workout Review

Gorilla mind has yet again formulated a gorilla mode and this product is the strongest pre-workout that they have in their arsenal. This is a company with a wide range of supplements and on their website; you will find a lot of other unique products.

The product over the past few months has received a lot of accolades and hype. The Gorilla Mode Pre Workout label reveals two options for users on how to take the pre-workout. The first is by taking one or two scoops. Reviews and feedback have shown a high tolerance for pre-workouts after starting with one scoop.

For experienced people, taking one scoop will not do it and that’s just the truth about the whole thing. Taking two scoops, however, is where lies the main catch as there is a massive difference between taking a scoop and taking two servings. This means that you will e getting twice as much of each of the ingredients used in formulating this product. It is however expensive, but that’s a very much later discussion.

Now I will be hitting the nail on the head. I will be reviewing three prospects where the effect of the gorilla mode pre-workout product should be seen, and they are;


In terms of the energy gotten from this pre-workout according to previews from users, it was kind of average and nothing special. This is something they have probably seen before. One of the main stimulants of the product is caffeine which is at 350mg per two scoops of the product, which again is not too special or crazy.


The second factor to look out for here is its focus. A significant improvement in cognitive functions was noticed from the pre-workout substance. This means that users got a good focus during their workouts. Being focused and being able to concentrate while you are working out is pretty incredible.

There are various Nootropics of quality in the product and they are also relatively high in terms of dosage and this simply means that they are bound to work. So far, the product is better for enhancing your focus than it is for boosting energy.


The last factor to look out for here is pumps. Every person and most especially experts likes it when their pre-workouts give them a good pump by shutting more blood and nutrients to their muscles. And with this product, the pump was kind of really solid. There are lots of reliable ingredients that are present in it to help users get more blood to their muscles.

For instance, the pre-workout contains 9 grams of L-citrulline which is a very good compound for pumps, it is in fact excellent. If you are therefore one of those people that love a good pump while working out, then this product is for you.

Gorilla Mode Pricing and Taste

How much is this product going to cost you? On the official gorilla mind site, this product is going to cost you $44 per tub. The tub normally holds 40 servings at 1 scoop per serving and then 20 servings at 2 scoops per serving.

During the review of this product, one serving or scoop was found not to be enough, so if you are used to taking pre-workouts, you will start in two scoops kind of quickly. With that being said, it means that you will be looking at $2 per 2 servings. You could possibly say that this is expensive.

This product comes in five different flavors which are tiger’s blood, fruit punch, mango peach, bombsicle, and firefly lemonade.


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