Government Grants for Individuals – How to Win a Government Grant 

Government Grants for Individuals: There are so many Government Grants that you can get as an individual. So many people think Government Grants are meant for corporations and big businesses only.

Government Grants for Individuals

Meanwhile, in the real sense, individuals can get government grants too. Although you will be privileged if you come as an organization or business, there are some grants that the government purposely instituted to help individuals for a particular course. This article will enlighten you about the various grants you can go for alone, and how to apply for them.

Government Grants for Individuals

For clarity, I will have to give a clear definition of Government Grants.

A government grant is a financial award given by the government (either federal, state, or local) to fund a particular type of project. It is not often easy to receive a grant from the government. This article will demystify the application process and help you win your first grant.

Government Grants for Individuals

The definition given above is ideal for government grants given to businesses and corporations. Personal government grants for individuals are grants or monetary awards distributed by private foundations and the federal government to individuals. Unlike normal government grants, personal grants are given for bills or personal use. These types of grants are very useful for individuals who have challenges in areas of finances or who would need support or extra money for a particular purpose.

Personal grants do not have to be paid back. You can use this type of grant for whatever you want, not just for any specific purpose. People use personal grants for reasons like debts, to pay off legal services, and a wide variety of matters like

  • Public transportation
  • Fuel
  • New vehicles
  • Real estate taxes
  • School supplies
  • New home
  • Home repairs/renovations
  • Transportation
  • Caretaking/personal assistance
  • Education and training
  • Community improvement
  • Insurance
  • Medical bills
  • Mortgage, rent, utilities, and other necessities

Now you may be thinking in your heart, ‘i need a personal grant’. Applying for a personal grant is very easy, yet very competitive. One of the best tips I can give to you is to locate an authority or someone who is very experienced with government grants and let them advise you on the best choices to make.

There is no harm in trying. So many people have improved the quality of their lives with government grants.

List of Government Grants for Individuals

There are so many individual grants scattered on the internet. These are a few of them we have recommended for you

Business Grants 

These grants can be used for;

  • Funding small business
  • Starting a business
  • Financial home assistance
  • For funding business loans
  • Funding Minority-owned businesses
  • Private money or venture capital

To access these grants, follow this link.

Personal Assistance 

These types of grants can be used to fund personal needs like;

  • Home repairs
  • Assistance on rent
  • Child care
  • food and Nutrition
  • To assist with medical bills
  • Educational assistance

To access this grant, click this link.

Housing Grants 

These grants are used for housing needs like

  • To finance mobile homes
  • Rental Housing or parks
  • To fund new constructions
  • For land development
  • To build apartments
  • To Finance Commercial properties
  • Rv parks

To get this grant, follow this link.

Educational/ Tuition Grants 

People who are in need of educational assistance can access these grants, for the following purpose;

  • Scholarships
  • Educational training
  • Research funding
  • Financial aids for students
  • Tuition assistance

To get access to this grant, click on the link

Government Grants for Individuals with Disabilities

The Federal government and some other organizations have instituted grants for individuals with disabilities and health issues. Here they are;

These are some of the government grants for individuals with disabilities and health issues.

How to Win a Government Grant 

Finally, it would be totally unfair if did not give you the winning tips on getting your first government grant. Here they are below.

  • Let your application match the funder’s priorities.
  • Know the scoring system and align your proposal to it.
  • Prioritize partnership, this gives you an advantage.
  • Use the funder’s language.
  • Keep your application simple
  • Work with experienced grant writers

These tips will give you an advantage over other applicants. Use them when you are applying for your next government grant.


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