How to Stop Getting A lot of Spam Text Messages

How to Stop Getting A lot of Spam Text Messages. With every leap that we take in furthering breakthroughs in communication, it looks like there is always a way for the unwanted solicitations to work their way straight up into our day.  This usually Starts from mail to robocalls to unsolicited emails, marketers, and scammers alike.

How to Stop Getting A lot of Spam Text Messages

They have never had any issue with getting our personal contact information and making use of it for their own personal gains. While almost always annoying, some can actually be downright dangerous.

How to Stop Getting A lot of Spam Text Messages

We all know about phishing scams and how you can private information like bank account information, social security numbers, and even webpage passwords can be gotten by those with nefarious intentions. There never seems to be an end to what all these cons would try to get us into.

While emails spam filters and state/federal “do not call” registries have alleviated the loss of unwanted contacts from spammers, those determined to make an unwarranted contact with us have been able to worm their way straight into our text messaging systems.

If you are receiving spammy messages, you are not alone. Robokiller states that up to around five billion spam texts are sent to U.S. residents annually. Thankfully, there are steps that you can take to not only prevent them but also stop them altogether.

Be careful who you Reply

There are lots of spam text messages nowadays, and they are not sent from different cell phones, they are often sent from a computer. While they might only appear like a small disturbance, some of them are actually sent to trick you into giving up your personal details.

They can get to you when chose to voluntarily send it or by actually allowing the sender to install malware on your device. Either way, you would see yourself in a position where all your data have been compromised.

Never respond to those texts, and doing this might actually alert the sender that the number they are messaging is a legit phone number. This might actually lead to your number being sold as a part of a legitimate phone number list to other companies.

Stop them with a Combination of Tactics

While you can block phone numbers individually, stopping them from texting you, unfortunately doing so with spam texts that do no good. Recall how these texts get sent from computers and not actual cell phone numbers. What appears to be sending a phone number is in reality a spoofed number. So, you can choose to block all these texts all day and still get the spam texts.

It’s actually not worth you checking to see your cell phone offers a spam text that is blocking the service. If it does, you should consider contacting your service providers and signing up for this service. Also signing up for a third-party spam blocker is also worth considering. Companies like Nomorobo, YouMail, and TrapCall are all available options for blocking your spam phone calls and filtering out most unwanted spam text messages.


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