Apple iOS 15.4 Released – iOS 15.4 Download

The Apple iOS 15.4 has been released to all iPhone users, offering them access to a lot of the features that we saw in the beta releases, As well as some general “Enhancements” and bug fixes.

Apple iOS 15.4 Released

Some of these changes were designed to make life during the pandemic a bit easier, including the ability to make use of Face ID while putting on a face Mask for Safari and App password Autofill, as well as with Apple Pay and when authenticating an iPhone 12 or later.

Apple iOS 15.4 Released

As far as the COVID-19 features go, the iOS 15.4 update also adds Apple Wallet and Health support for the EU Digital COVID certificate. The changes seem to be more numerous than the ones related to the Pandemic, however, it includes everything from new emoji to more Siri voices, increased FaceTime convenience, and tweaks to existing features and apps that make it a lot easier to perform actions and retrieve information.

The Biggest iOS 15.4 Changes detailed

The biggest changes revolve around emoji, FaceTime, Siri, and COVID-19 related features, which are the new digital health certificate support and the ability to make use of Face ID in more situations while putting on a face mask. The Emoji additions, that you can find on the emoji Keyboard, include hand gestures, additional faces, and general “Household objects,” according to Apple’s iOS 15.4 changelog.

Users also can expect a new voice from Siri, as well as the assistant’s new ability to offer the date and time on the iPhone XS/XR/11 and newer even if it is offline. Likewise, FaceTime has been updated so that users get to start SharePlay sessions right in apps that support the feature.

Aside from those major features, users get to find the aforementioned “Enhancements,” Which are smaller changes to the features and apps that are already available on your iPhone.

With iOS 15.4 comes the ability to filter podcast episodes better within the podcasts app, making it a lot easier to quickly locate the content that has been downloaded, saved, and already Played. As well as the ones you haven’t yet played and even entire seasons.

Safari now can choose to translate web pages in traditional Chinese and Italian, to add, there’s the widespread availability of call withhold in the emergency SOS settings. When it comes to news, it has been bolstered with an improved Today and Audio feed/tab audio discovery.

Assuming that you are in a market and have received all these features, you also might notice the addition of Notes and Reminders camera option for adding text a lot faster. And the addition of new reminders shortcuts that are related to tags, and – for those that are making use of the iPhone 13 Pro or iPhone 13 Pro Max – You can choose to make use of the ultra-wide camera in magnifier, which should help those that have accessibility needs.

A few Bug fixes Have Arrived, too

Also, the issue that brought about stopping the News Widgets from opening articles consistently has been patched, and Apple has likewise addressed some bugs that are related to making use of Speak Screen Accessibility in Books, Control Center’s Live Listen toggle failing to turn off the feature, and an iCloud Photo Library Syncing issue that impacted some videos and images.

Right now, the iOS 15.4 is rolling out to iPhone. To download and install the latest update, open the settings on your iPhone, then tap General > Software Update.


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