God of War on PC Review

God of War on PC Review. When Sony decided to release PC port for some of its first-party exclusive games, titles like Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone weren’t a surprise to me. The two games were a new franchise by the way, but while there are lots of excitement in the air concerning the upcoming forbidden west, we cannot say that the game is one of Sony’s major hitters currently.

God of War on PC Review

It was a shock to a lot of PC gamers when Sony revealed that they would be making a PC port for God of War. This game was something most fans would not expect to see make the jump to PCs, but Sony decided to hit by surprise and now the game has been launched on steam, Epic games store, Humble, and many more stores.

God of War PC Review

So far, The PC Port for God of War gave a great impression to a lot of fans already playing it on PC. Based on the reviews and the gameplay we all have gotten from the PlayStation 4 console, the God of War 4 game would really be worth your playtime.

God of War Performance on PC

According to SlashGear the God of War game was tested on a great gaming PC on ultra graphics preset and it played quite well at 1440p resolution.

Coming from a technical and a visual standpoint, God of War played quite great on PC. With the 3070 at 1440p, framerates hovered between 60 and 90 frames per second on the action that takes place on the screen and the intricacies of lighting and shadows.

To begin, on the lake of Nine, Framerate sticks closer to 60, but that is not a shock as that’s a graphics-intensive area. Sometimes the framerate even spikes above 100, and as stated by Slashgear, the frame would have triples at 1080p.

Actually, the game does not really require you to play it at a super-high frame rate anyway. On the PS4 Slim, the game proves to be great at 30fps, but at 60fps and higher, you would get much smoother combat and gameplay, in general, it feels super smooth. If you have played the God of War on a PlayStation 5, you probably should expect something similar or a much better experience on PC, depending on the type of hardware that you are making use of.

So far, the game runs great on PC, the only major issue which is barely a performance issue is that the game doesn’t have an adjustable field of view, which is something that most of us are expecting to get from console ports. Actually, God of war might actually benefit from it since the camera feels a little too close to the action, and that can potentially make some players feel motion sick.

Why you Should Play God of War on PC

God of war is one game that every action-adventure gamer would not want to miss out on. If you happen to own a PC that can run the game very well, you should not miss out on purchasing the game playing it on PC. The game’s minimum requirement for PC can be found on steam.


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