Microsoft Could Start Testing Windows 12 According to Reports

Microsoft could start testing Windows 12 according to reports. Rumors currently making the waves suggest that we may soon be getting a sneak peek into the next-gen Windows features.

Microsoft Windows 12

Microsoft Windows 12

Tech Company Microsoft could be set to start testing for Windows 12 or at least next-gen Windows testing in earnest, if anything about the revelations from a well-known leaker is to be believed. XenoPanther, a regular source when it comes to Microsoft-related spillage on the social media platform Twitter claims that there is a big jump in the buildup numbers for the Canary channel.

The Canary channel in question stands for the earliest test builds for Windows 11. And rumor right now has it that this will be the test platform that will be effectively used to build Windows 12 to its eventual release.

What You Should Know About the Canary Channel

The Canary channel, however, has not been around for a long time, as it only was available since March, and it has not been any much different from the Dev channel which as you should know is the next step from Canary. Both of these channels basically have been testing small changes that will all pitch up in a smaller timeframe which in many cases is likely to be in the latter parts of this year with the expected big 23H2 update.

The Theory in the Event That XenoPanther Is Right

So the theory here is that if XenoPanther is right, and Microsoft gets to jump from the current and recent build series 253xx all the way to 258xx, what this could imply is the beginning of a whole new development process of next-gen features for Windows. And with all indications, that might just be Windows 12, if that is what the next iteration of Microsoft’s operating system ends up being named.



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