How Does Facebook Dating Work 2022

Do you still know how Facebook dating works in 2022? Many people already have a registered Facebook dating profile to their name. The social media giants’ own online dating platform has gotten a lot of recognition over the past few years and in 2021 became one of the most sought-after online dating platforms.

How Does Facebook Dating Work 2022

How Does Facebook Dating Work 2022

Although Facebook dating works like any other traditional online dating platform, it is very unique. The basics of Facebook dating are letting two people match and so does every other online dating platform.

The features however offered on Facebook dating are very different from what other platforms offer. With that being said and for the benefit of those who haven’t had the opportunity to make use of Facebook dating, here is what it is.

When you set up a dating profile, Facebook dating will suggest other users that have opted into making use of the service. Facebook however will not suggest your friends on the platform that are making use of Facebook dating to you. The platform however will suggest neutral persons to you.

What Is Facebook Dating

Facebook dating is Facebook’s own dating service. There is no standalone app or website for Facebook dating as it can only be accessed via the Facebook mobile app. The service and feature can only be accessed via one’s Facebook account and the updated version of the Facebook mobile app. To make use of it, you will have to create a dating profile that is separate from your main Facebook profile.

How Is Facebook Dating Different From Your Facebook Profile

In many ways, Facebook dating is different from your Facebook profile. Facebook will not suggest your current Facebook friends within dating. Your friends also will not be notified when you join Facebook dating. In general, your messages or people that you have matched within dating will not appear on your Facebook newsfeed.

Your conversations on dating also are different from your messenger chats. You can also delete your dating profile on Facebook without deleting your main Facebook profile. But when you delete your Facebook account, your dating profile will be deleted.

Note that if you become friends with a person that you have matched with on dating, you will still be able to see each other’s dating profiles.

Who Can Make Use of Facebook Dating

Technically anybody and everybody can make use of Facebook dating. The technical clause there actually means that you will have to meet up with the platform’s terms and conditions. You will have to be 18 years and older in order to make use of the Facebook dating service.

The service isn’t at the moment available to everyone with a Facebook account as it is only available in selected countries all over the world.

How to Setup a Facebook Dating Profile

Setting up a dating profile on Facebook is easy. To do this;

  • Open the Facebook mobile app and tap the hamburger icon
  • Select dating from the extended menu page
  • Select a dating profile pic and enable your location.

Other pieces of information will be collected from your Facebook profile in creating your dating profile.


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