Planned Telecommunications Union Strike Temporarily Called Off

The planned telecommunications union strike was temporarily called off. Remember yesterday, the Nigerian telecommunications union was planning on embarking on a strike, well, all of those plans as earlier reported have been put on hold, for now.

Telecommunications Union Strike Called Off

Telecommunications Union Strike Called Off

Remember the potential strike by the Private Telecommunications and Communications Senior Staff Association of Nigeria (PTECSSAN)? Well, they’ve decided to put it on hold, at least for the time being.

In a statement released by their General Secretary, Okonu Abdullahi, they announced the suspension of the strike because they have managed to resolve their issues with the subcontractors.

Initially, PTECSSAN was gearing up for an indefinite strike starting yesterday due to some disagreements with subcontractors associated with Huawei Technologies Nigeria Ltd. These subcontractors included Reime Group, Allstream Energy Solutions Ltd., Uppercrest Ltd., Tyllium Nigeria Ltd., and Specific Tools and Techniques Ltd.

The Reason for the Temporary Decision

However, following a meeting at the union’s secretariat, they reached some agreements. The companies agreed to recognize the employees’ rights to join the union, establish health facilities following the guidelines of the National Health Insurance Authority, and more.

The Union’s Demands

The union’s demands were significant; they sought recognition, proper remittance of dues, and regularization of employment, compliance with pension and health insurance regulations, and negotiations for a collective bargaining agreement.

What the Ministry Of Labor and Employment Has To Say About This Development

Despite attempts by the Ministry of Labor and Employment to mediate, the companies were initially reluctant to cooperate. Therefore, PTECSSAN was prepared to proceed with the strike. Fortunately, it seems they have found some common ground for now.



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