Pixar Releases the First Trailer for Elio

Pixar releases the first trailer for Elio. The trailer teases a really adorable alien abduction. And with that being said, you should also know that the movie is set to be released on theaters next March.

Pixar First Trailer for Elio

Pixar First Trailer for Elio

The latest film from Pixar, Elemental is reported to hit theaters later this week but we already have a new look at what is in store for the future of the company. The studio as you should know released a teaser trailer for its next film, which is a sci-fi story known as Elio, in regards to a young boy who is abducted by aliens. And instead of the usual UFO hijinks, the boy in question ends up pretending that he is the leader of Earth when confronted with an interplanetary group that is known as the Communiverse.

Pixar’s next film Elio is directed by Adrian Molina, who is the screenwriter of Coco, and then stars Yonas Kibreab in the lead role, alongside names such as Jameela Jamil and Brad Garrett as alien ambassadors and America Ferrera as the mother of Elio. The movie will reportedly hit theaters on March 1st, 2024.

The new teaser in question is coming as Disney announced a couple of theatrical delays that are tied to the ongoing writers’ strike which is inclusive of movies from Star Wars, Marvel as well as the next Avatar sequels.

What Is Pixar Elio

Pixar’s Elio is an upcoming movie from the studio and it is scheduled to be exclusively released in theaters on March 1, 2024. The film in question will be the twenty-eight feature-length film from Pixar.

What Is Disney’s Elio About

The storyline of the movie is quite interesting although the just newly released easer does not share much. Elio is a boy who reportedly struggles with fitting in until he is being abducted by aliens and then becomes the chosen one to be the galactic ambassador of Earth while Olga, his mother on the other hand works on the top secret project to decode messages from aliens.

Elio Pixar Release Date

The movie originally was announced at the D23 Expo that was held in September 2022, with both Molina and Drumm already attached to the project in question while casting on the other hand being revealed. The movie Elio is scheduled for a theatrical release date in theaters on March 1, 2024, in the United States.



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