Paramount Reportedly Confirms Data Breach

Paramount reportedly confirms a data breach, and the personal data and info of users were compromised in the process. But even at that, you should also know that only a handful of people and users on the platform were allegedly affected.

Paramount Confirms Data Breach

Paramount Confirms Data Breach

Entertainment giant, Paramount Global was recently hacked, in the early parts of this year to be precise, between the months of May and June, with the threat actors in question carting away with sensitive data of users.

And just as reported by BleepingComputer, Brian Keane, the Executive Vice President (EVP) of Nickelodeon Animation Studio, mailed the victims in the early parts of this week, to explain what had taken place and what the company was also doing about it.

Victims Have Been Notified On Recent Development

“Based on our investigation, the personal information may have included your name, date of birth, Social Security number or other government-issued identification number (such as driver’s license number or passport number) and information related to your relationship with Paramount,” the message allegedly reveals.

Number of Affected Users

And while it is still very much unknown as to whether the data that was stolen belonged to employees of Paramount or its customers (for instance, subscribers to the Paramount+ service), we already know the number of individuals that were affected:

“The personal information of less than 100 individuals may have been accessed by the unauthorized party and those individuals and the relevant authorities were notified,” the spokesperson of the company revealed to the publication.

Paramount’s Response to the Hack

And after the initial findings, Paramount however followed the incident response playbook, as it went on to hire a third-party security expert to run forensics and then assess the damage, notified the police next, and then started to upgrade its security posture so that such incidents and occurrences don’t repeat itself in the future.

The People behind the Hack

The identity of the attackers in question is still very much unknown at this moment, but apparently, we can cross Clop off that list; BleepingComputer has stated that the Russia-linked threat actor was not behind the attack. The strike on Paramount, in fact, was not a ransomware attack at all, and it reportedly had nothing to do with the recent compromise of MoveIT either.

Paramount Is One of the Largest Entertainment Conglomerates in the World

Paramount as you should know is one of the largest entertainment conglomerates in the world, owning brands in the industry such as Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, Showtime, MTV, and many others. The company operates in over 180 countries and has over 4.3 billion subscribers (there is probably a lot of overlap across different platforms, as Paramount Plus, for instance, counts 32.8 million subscribers on its own end).



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