Walmart and Paramount Set To Team Up Against Amazon Prime

Walmart and Paramount set to team up against amazon prime. That being said, subscribers of Walmart plus will now get Paramount Plus for free.

Walmart and Paramount Set To Team Up Against Amazon Prime

Walmart and Paramount Set To Team Up Against Amazon Prime

Paramount and Walmart are set to go into partnership in a bid to bring you a subscription service that would ultimately be a rival to Amazon Prime.

Very soon, subscribers of Walmart Plus will get a Paramount Plus essential subscription at no additional price. Additionally, Walmart plus at the moment costs $98 per annum. And according to the press release, the price will not change after Paramount Plus is included in the whole package.

The development likely will help Walmart to put Walmart Plus in a strong position that could rival Amazon Prime which not only attracts users and subscribers with its free prime delivery advantages but its suite of movies and shows and many other benefits

Paramount Plus Subscription Service Costs

The essential tier of Paramount Plus costs $49.99 yearly after a 7-day free trial period and it also includes access to shows such as the Halo TV Series, Star Trek: Picard and iCarly, NFL matches on CBS Live, live soccer matches such as the champions league and also access to the 24/7 news coverage platform of CBN. It however does come with ads and you also cannot download shows to watch them offline. For these benefits, however, users will have to upgrade their membership plan to Paramount Plus Premium.

And beyond access to the streaming content of Paramount Plus, Walmart Plus gives subscribers a couple of other benefits. You can get access to free next-day or two-day delivery on orders from with no minimum spend caps, additionally, you can get access to free grocery deliveries if you chose to spend $35 or even more although there may be a few restrictions based on your location or where you live. You’ll also get 10c off of every gallon of fuel you purchase from over 14,000 gas stations all over the US.

Features of Walmart Plus In Contrast To Amazon Prime

While it may not be as feature-packed as Amazon Prime,  which of course doesn’t offer discounts on fuel, but however gives you a year of GrubHub Plus, access to Amazon Music, Prime Reading, and unlimited photo storage via Amazon Photos, Walmart Plus is way cheaper. A year of Amazon Prime will cost an extra $41, coming in at $139 in contrast to the $98 of Walmart Plus.

Walmart hopefully will find other creative ways to make its subscription service even more attractive to subscribers. And as long as the price doesn’t go up any further than it is at the moment, we will not be complaining about adding more benefits any time soon.


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