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Panda Express is one of the most popular and high esteemed restaurants in the United States of America. Its quest to become the best restaurant in the U.S has made it institute a customer satisfaction survey for its customers. with the Panda Express Survey, the company will be able to know what the customers think about the products and services of the brand.

Panda Express Survey

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Panda Express Survey

this survey is available for all the customers of Panda Express . The feedback from the customers is collected and used for the general growth of the company.

the most amazing thing about this survey is that they offer gifts to the successful candidates of this survey.

More About the Panda Feedback Survey

the founders of this great restaurant are Peggy Cherng and Andrew Cherng. it is one of the most famous restaurants in countries like the United States, Canada, France, Italy,  etc

The major focus of this survey is to have genuine feedback from their customers.

Panda Express Survey Prize

After taking this survey,  you will be awarded a free item from Panda Express.

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Some Keypoints About Panda Survey

Here are some things to note about Panda Survey;

  • firstly, you will need a purchase to take part in the Panda Survey
  • after that, you will need the 22 digits survey code to start the panda survey
  • if you do not have a recent receipt, you can use a Panda Express store number
  • the survey can only be taken within 48 hours after the day of the purchase.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the rules and regulations of the Panda Survey;

Panda Express Survey Rules and Regulations

These are the rules and regulations to have at the back of your mind before participating in the Panda Express survey.

  • you need a purchase to take part in the Panda Express survey
  • to participate in this survey, your purchase has to be between two business days
  • There is no limit on the amount of time that an individual can participate in this survey but there is a restriction of one coupon code per person.

these are the various rules and regulations guiding the Panda Feedback survey.

How to Participate in the Panda Feedback Survey

if you are a customer of Panda Express residing in the United States of America, you can share your experience or your opinions concerning the products and services of Panda Express. there are different ways to take this survey. the note below summarizes them.

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How to Take the Panda Express Survey Online

Here are the steps to take to participate in the Panda Express survey;

  • the first step to take is to make a purchase at the  Panda express store or restaurant.
  • After doing that, you can then go to the website,
  • on the next page, you will be required to enter the Panda Survey code.
  • after that, click next
  • now you will be led to the particular survey page, answer the questions accurately and genuinely.
  • after sharing your opinion, you will be given the Panda Express Validation code. note down this code somewhere. it could be the back of your receipt.
  • when visiting the Panda Express restaurant next. go with the validation code and you will be awarded a Panda Express free item.

if you do not have the Panda Express code in your receipt, you can enter the survey with the Pand Express Store Number.

How to Take The Panda Survey Offline

To take the survey offline with your phone, follow the steps below;

  • The first step to take here is to call the Panda Express phone number ( get this detail from )
  • After that, give your opinions through the call
  • when you are done with that, you will be given a validation code through the phone call.
  • write the validation code on your receipt.

When you are done with all these, go to the nearest Panda Express store with your validation code.

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This is the official website where the survey is held. with this website, all the customers of Panda Express Survey will be able to share their genuine opinions and help the company improve its products and services.

Panda Express

One of the Most Favourite and famous restaurants in the United States of America is Panda Express. this restaurant serves American Chinese Cuisine. it is also the largest segment of the restaurant chain in the United States.

Panda is located like a shopping mall food court, but now, it has increased in almost every area. it is now a standalone restaurant that has its own amusement parks and airports.

Panda Express has 2,200 restaurants in 49 states of the United States of America.

FAQS About Panda Survey

How Do I Locate Panda Express Near Me?

This is very simple to do. follow these steps below to locate Panda Express Near you;

  • Go to the online locator tool,
  • when you get to the page, you will find all the locations of Panda Express.

How Do I Create An Account At Panda Express?

It is very simple to do this. all you have to do is go to the website, when you get to the page, click on the icon that says account. click on the sign-up link, you will be led to the sign-up page to fill in your personal information and create an account.

How Can I Place An Order At Panda Express?

TO place an order at Panda Express, follow the steps below;

  • go to the official website of the brand,
  • when you get there, click on order now.
  • you will be led to a new page to choose your item and place an order.
  • if you click on any of the items on the list, you will be led to a page to complete your order.

follow the instructions given on the page to complete your order.

How Do I Login to Panda Express Online?

It is login into Panda Express online is very simple. first, you need to have created an account on the online platform. after that, you can log in with your user ID and your Uniques password.

when you get to the home page of the website,, click on the account icon. Click on login. Now, input your UseriD and your Unique password and you will successfully be logged into your account.

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