Key Food Hours – What Time Does Key Foods Open?

Want to know the various hours of Key Foods, you are reading the right article. As a person who has various nutritional desires and taste choices, Key foods is the best choice to choose. This article will give you all the major, or basic information concerning Key foods’ operational hours.

Key Food Hours

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Key Food Hours

One major thing to note is that key food hours vary with location. Therefore, the best way to know the correct operational hours for Key food stores from location to location is to visit their website,

Key Foods 

Key Foods is one of the most popular grocery and pharmacy chain stores in the United States of America. These stores sell everything from groceries to medicines and everything they offer is available on the go.

Key foods were founded in the United States in the year 1937 by a group of independent grocers in Brooklyn, New york. the first store of Key foods was located on Smith Street in Cobble Hill Neighbourhood.

In the year 2019, the brand has about 100 stores across the united states. There is a lot of variety of Items offered by Key Food Stores. these foods include meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, fresh produce, dry foods, frozen foods, and onion frozen food items. The Key food brand also has a Pharmacy and a floral department.

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Key Foods Hours Of Operation

Key foods Stores are open from Mondays to Sundays majorly from 07:00 am in the morning and they close by 09:00 pm in the evening from Mondays to Saturdays.

On Sundays, these stores are open from 08:00 am to 09:00 pm. if there is anything you want to buy at any of the stores of Key Foods, check the local hours of that particular store before going there.

The table below summarizes the operational time of Key Foods;

DayKey Food Hours OpenKey Food Hours Close
Monday07:00 a.m.09:00 p.m.
Tuesday07:00 a.m.09:00 p.m.
Wednesday07:00 a.m.09:00 p.m.
Thursday07:00 a.m.09:00 p.m.
Friday07:00 a.m.09:00 p.m.
Saturday07:00 a.m.09:00 p.m.
Sunday08:00 a.m.09:00 p.m.


What Time Does Key Foods Open?

Generally, the key foods store is open from Monday to Saturday at 07:00 am in the morning. on Sundays, these stores open at 08:00 am in the morning. The opening times may vary from location to location. Therefore, it is best to conform to the online portal before visiting a particular Key Foods Location or store.

What Time Does Key Foods Close?

Generally, key foods close by 9 pm on Mondays to Sundays. This time is not fixed for all locations. Some stores may close earlier by 8 pm in the evening.

Are Key Food Stores Open All Day?

Some key food stores are open 24 hours from Mondays to Sundays. this is not uniform for all locations of Key Foods. It is best to check with your local store before you visit each day.

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Key Foods Holidays 

The Holiday times for Key foods are different across all locations. Key food times vary during the holidays. The table below summarizes when these stores are open and when they are closed;

January 1New Year’s Day
November 28Thanksgiving Day
December 31New Year`s Eve
July 04Independence Day


The table below summarizes the holidays that Key foods are open;

February 14Valentine’s Day
February 18President’s Day
March 5Mardi Gras Fat Tuesday
March 17St. Patrick’s Day
April 19Good Friday
May 5Cinco de Mayo
June 16Father’s Day
May 12Mother’s Day
October 31Halloween
November 29Black Friday


What Does Key Foods Sell?

Key foods do not only sell cooked food, there are a lot of items that are available for purchase in this restaurant. here they are below


This department is responsible for storing the freshest fruits and vegetables. The produce section is located at the front of the store and is usually one of the busiest areas. Any customer can buy your product without pre-orders.

The produce sections of most grocery stores strive to have the freshest fruits and vegetables. To achieve this, they developed several new strategies, such as using modern technology to track inventory and implementing a comprehensive quality control program.


The meat section of a grocery store is used to store a variety of meats, including chicken, beef, pork, and more. They offer packaged and unpackaged types of meat. The meat department is in the back of the store. The meat departments of most grocery stores tend to have a variety of meats.

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Key Food offers its customers a wide variety of dairy products including milk, cheese, yogurt, and more. The dairy department is located at the back of the store. The dairy department of a large grocery store strives to stock a wide variety of dairy products.

Packaged Goods

The storage room in the grocery store is used to store various non-perishable foods such as canned, dry, cooked, and other foods. The general merchandise department is located in the center of the store.


This grocery store chain offers its customers a wide variety of grocery products including fresh produce, meat, dairy, canned goods, and more. They also sell non-food items such as health and beauty products, household items, and more.

Fish and seafood

Not only meat but also fish and seafood are available at Key Food. They offer packaged and unpackaged types of fish and seafood. The fish and grocery department is located in the back of the store, next to the meat department.

Health and Beauty

The health and beauty department at Key Supermarket is responsible for stocking various health and beauty products such as cosmetics, skincare products, hair care products, etc. The health and beauty department is located in the center of the store.

Large grocery stores strive to provide their customers with the best possible experience. To this end, they have invested heavily in training their customer service employees. They launched a powerful loyalty program that rewards regular customers with cash back.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Key Foods Hours 

Does key Food Have an App?

Yes, they do have a mobile application. with this application, you can place your orders online. Anything you order will be delivered to your doorstep. this app is available on mobile application stores.

Does key Food Have Gift Cards?

Yes, you can purchase gift cards from Key Foods. There are available gift cards in amounts of $25, $50, $200, etc. you can use these gift cards as perfect presents. These gift cards can be used at any of the company’s stores.

How Do I Locate Key Foods Near Me?

TO locate Key foods online, follow the steps below;

How Can I Place an Order Online At Key foods?

to place an order at Keyfoods, use the Key foods mobile application. with the application, this application is available for download on the google play store and the apple application store.

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