Apple Set to Introduce More Ads on the iPhone

Apple set to introduce more ads on the iPhone. This, therefore, means that you could be seeing more ads on your iPhone very soon.

Apple Set to Introduce More Ads on the iPhone

Apple Set to Introduce More Ads on the iPhone

As we are all patiently waiting for the iPhone 14 to be unveiled which could take up to a month from now, a new report coming in at the moment now suggests that more significant changes could be coming to the software on iPads and iPhones, and to be specific, more advertising on apps owned by apple.

This news is coming via Mark Gurman who is a reliable apple-focused journalist at Bloomberg. He said that apple is now keen on expanding its integrated advertising efforts. And as of now, a couple of ads may show up in the stocks and news apps as well as the app store.

Apple maps could eventually join those apps very soon as well as apple Books and Apple Podcasts app according to Gurman. We also might see an expansion into the Apple TV Plus content as adverts have started to appear in the Friday Night Baseball coverage of the platform for instance.

Why More Ads

The main reason for the increase of ads on apples owned apps is quite obvious: Apple wants to rake in more cash from them. The ads that already exist inside of iOS, iPadOS, and apple owned apps at the moment bring in close to $4 billion per year according to a report by Bloomberg. And the present plan is to turn that figure into double digits.

This means that local businesses would now be able to pay in order to get featured inside maps for instance, and publishers on the other hand also can pay to get their content feature more. and in line with the existing ads, it would not be open to everyone and anyone.

When Will the Changes Start To Take Effect

It isn’t clear as of now as to when the change will start to take effect but it looks very much likely to be this year. This would however require many changes on the side of the software and as iOS 16 and iPadOS 16 are getting ready to be launched, you should keep a close eye on the apple software updates for next year for more advertising signs.


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