Bethesda Starfield New Gameplay Reveal Accidentally Teased

Bethesda Starfield New gameplay Reveal was Accidentally Teased recently. Bethesda has chosen to clarify that no new starfield gameplay would be shown at Gamescom later in the month, after making the fans happy by accident with the suggestion of a fresh reveal.

Bethesda Starfield New Gameplay Reveal Accidentally Teased

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Bethesda Starfield New gameplay Reveal Accidentally Teased

Some Starfield fans have suspected the much-anticipated RPG would get a showing at Gamescom 2022 after its first in-depth trailer was revealed at last summer’s Game fest earlier in the year. A Bethesda blog post fueled the expectations, and promised to offer great gameplay of the sci-fi RPG would be available on tap for the attendees.

While it seems like the Starfield subreddit was quick to leap right on the announcement, The celebration also happens to be a bit premature. Bethesda has not failed to confirm that the starfield gameplay shown at Gamescom would not be anything that we have not previously seen before.

In the updated post, “Come see a replay of the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase gameplay presentations for Redfall and Starfield.” They also stated that “Of course, we also have a few surprises and goodies in store for you.”

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Wait A While

This actually could be a while before we would have the opportunity to see another fresh starfield content. Gamescom would be the final global gaming convention of the year, and neither Xbox nor Bethesda has announced their independent showcases for the final months of 2022. Opportunities for Starfield’s new gameplay release is diminishing as the end of the year approaches.

Bethesda fans are would be totally left to dry out. While the new starfield gameplay would be really hard to find, we are expecting to see more details concerning the game and it would be revealed during Gamescom. There are tons of features to be fleshed out, which include RPG’s indie-inspired space combat, or how FTL travel works in the game.

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StarField Wider World

The surprises and goodies that the publisher has in store are anyone’s guess, but they get to see Starfield’s much wider world. So far, we are only aware of one of the game’s companions – VASCO, a bipedal robot, and we have picked up on some obscure clues that an old Elder Scrolls features that would be coming back.

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