Paramount Plus – Prices for Paramount Plus Subscription

The Paramount Plus movie platform just like Netflix is releasing imminently in the US and Latin on the 4th of March. This is set to be a rebrand and relaunch of the existing CBS All Access platform. It will be added a payload of more content to the new service after its release.

Paramount Plus

If you desire to know about Paramount Plus, then you can read more on this article.

Paramount Plus

This platform seems much like a studio renewed attempt to get part of the dominated market by Netflix.

The renewal of the CBS All Access service is a part of a long-term transformation plan. Paramount is promising to put newly released movies on the platform after renewal.

There is much more you need to learn about the Paramount Plus renewal. And the important parts of it are in this article.

Paramount Plus Price

Users can save 50% off the new service if they register with the code: PARAMOUNTPLUS. Just that you will be registering to the current CBS All Access service.

Users can get an annual subscription cost of $50 with no ads. Or with ads for a cost of $30. This offer is valid till the 3rd of March.

It will be priced $9.99 monthly without ads, while $5.99 with ads. The price is set to drop down $1 from the monthly cost sometime in June 2021.

Users will access the live CBS TV and sports via the higher tier option. After been released in US, gradually it will begin to be accessible in few other regions.

Release Date

The official launch time in the US is on the 4th of March. Nordics will access this service on the 25ht of March, and Australia at mid-2021.

What is Paramount Plus?

Paramount Plus is an expected new video streaming service to be accessible globally. It is also a rebrand to the formally known CBS All Access service.

This service is aimed to provide deeper well content from the parent company’s portfolio. Showing library of old shows and movies and selection of originals.

There is also the availability of sports from all leagues. So, whatever is been enjoyed on the CBS platform, will also be accessed on the Paramount Plus.

Paramount Plus App

This service will be available on a range of devices. This includes web platforms, iOS, Android, smart TVs, mobile, connected TV devices, game consoles, and leading OTT providers.


As it has always been, content is king with streaming services. CBS All Access has already been available with a number of solid originals.

It is difficult to get excited about the new streaming platform being renewed this year. Let’s hope for more as the CBS service will be upgraded with more features and at full potentials.

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