ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program 2024: Empowering African Entrepreneurs

The ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Programme, powered by Oribi and AfriFOODlinks in Cape Town, supports early-stage entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector. It promotes inclusive growth and transforms South Africa’s food system using a circular business approach.

 ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program 2024
ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program 2024

This initiative, open to entrepreneurs from all over Africa, provides mentorship, resources, and funding opportunities. Participants can be individuals or teams with creative business ideas or existing startups in the food industry. The programme aims to empower entrepreneurs to build sustainable and scalable businesses, offering 12 months of intensive training, mentorship, and networking.

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The deadline for applications to the ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program 2024 is April 18, 2024. We encourage interested applicants to submit their applications early for timely consideration.

Benefits for ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program

The AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program offers selected entrepreneurs a supportive network to help them succeed. This includes mentorship from industry experts, coaching for challenges, networking with peers and organizations, and grant funding for scaling their social enterprises.

Eligibility Requirements of ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program

The eligibility includes:

  • We welcome individuals from Africa or residing there.
  • Entrepreneurial ventures in agriculture or food-related fields.
  • Show innovation or potential for impactful change.
  • Have a clear business model and growth strategy.
  • If you’re a food entrepreneur in Cape Town, eager to make a difference and elevate your business,

Selection Process for ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program

The selection process is as follows:

  • March 4, 2024: Applications open
  • April 18, 2024: Application deadline
  • May 2024: First shortlisting, 100 candidates for ‘FOODATHON’
  • From this group, 15 candidates selected for the 9-month incubation program in the second half of 2024

For more details, visit (https://www.oribi.org.za/post/apply-now-the-launch-of-afrifoodlinks-incubation-programme)

Documentation Requirements for ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program

In addition to the online application form, applicants may be asked to submit the following documents:

  • Business plan or pitch deck
  • Financial projections
  • Proof of concept or prototype (if applicable)
  • References or testimonials from relevant stakeholders

Tips for Successful Application for ORIBI X AfriFOODlinks Incubation Program

  • Clearly articulate your business idea or existing venture, highlighting its innovative nature and potential for impact.
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of the market and the problem you are addressing, as well as your strategy for growth and scalability.
  • Showcase your team’s expertise, passion, and commitment to success.
  • Provide clear and concise answers to all questions on the application form, and ensure that all requested documentation is submitted accurately and on time.
  • Be prepared to participate in interviews or pitch sessions as part of the selection process.


The ORIBI X AFRIFOODLINKS Incubation Programme 2024 offers African entrepreneurs a chance to develop their innovative food business ideas. Through mentorship, resources, and funding, the program aims to empower entrepreneurs for positive change and economic growth. Visit the official website to apply before the deadline.


Can I apply with an idea-stage startup?

Yes, the program welcomes entrepreneurs at different stages, from ideas to early-stage startups.

Is there a fee to join the program?

No, participation is free for selected entrepreneurs.

How are applications evaluated?

Applications are assessed based on innovation, impact potential, scalability, and team strength.

Will I keep ownership of my venture if selected?

Yes, participants retain full ownership and control of their ventures throughout the program.



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