Ohio State University Acceptance Rate | OSU Application Tips

The prestigious Ohio State University provides students with a limited selection of programs. Over 48,000 first-year applicants seek admission to OSU each year.

Ohio State University Acceptance Rate

Knowing the Ohio State University acceptance rate and the standards for admission, which include the Ohio State GPA, Ohio State SAT scores, and other important Ohio State University requirements, is significant if you are a high school student planning to pursue higher education here.

The institution has expanded significantly during the last 25 years, welcoming 8,398 new students. A quarter of this cohort, with an average SAT score of 1300 and above and a mean ACT score of 29, were from other states or countries and had greater academic standing.

This comparison highlights Ohio State’s impressive growth in terms of size, selectivity, and the population of non-residents since the early 2000s. The Ohio State acceptance rate continues to be higher than 50%, which is favorable despite these adjustments.

Ohio State University – Overview

The Ohio State institution, also known as OSU or Ohio State, is a public land-grant research institution located in Columbus, Ohio. The University was established in 1870 as the state’s land-grant university and the state’s ninth university under the Morrill Act of 1862. It is classified as an “R1: Doctoral Universities – Very High Research Activity” university. The university’s endowment of $7.4 billion in 2023 is one of the world’s greatest.

OSU Acceptance Rate

Definitely, the acceptance rate is the first thing to consider if you want to get in. This reflects the school’s competitiveness and the seriousness of its requirements. Ohio State University has a 57.0% acceptance rate. For example, out of every 100 candidates, 57 are accepted.

Ohio State University Acceptance Rate

The early action acceptance rate at Ohio State is 64%. It is a very popular school for both Ohioans and out-of-state applicants.

SAT, ACT, GPA, and Class Ranking of OSU

SAT: The suggested SAT requirements for Ohio State are a composite score of 1260 to 1420, which combines the reading, writing, and math components.

ACT: The recommended ACT score for Ohio State ranges from   27 – 32 composite score that includes all areas of English, maths, reading, and science.

GPA: To be considered a strong candidate, applicants’ GPAs should range between 3.6 and 4.0. If you have less than this, you must compensate by having great extracurricular activities or a personal statement.

Class Rank: 64% percent of registered first-year students were in the top 10%, while 94% were in the top 25%.

Eligibility Criteria For OSU

  • High School Rank Required
  • College Prep Courses Recommended
  • High School GPA Required
  • Recommendations Considered but not required
  • SAT/ACT Scores Considered if submitted
  • Personal statements should illustrate your writing abilities, how well you can explain your thoughts, and provide more information about your background, interests, and goals.

OSU Application Tips

If you intend to be one of the  applicants for the upcoming admissions cycle, you should Take note of the following:

  • Interviews are not used as part of the evaluation process at Ohio State University.
  • Ohio State did not provide any supplementary essay prompts in the 2022-23 cycle. As a result, the primary Common App essay becomes even more significant when applying to universities.
  • Ohio State does not examine “demonstrated interest,” you will not be judged based on whether or not you visited campus, contacted an admissions officer, and so on.
  • You must submit the Common Application by November 1 for Early Action or February 1 for Regular Decision.
  • Ensure to provide 1-2 recommendations from your counselor/teachers even though none are absolutely required.

Interested and Qualified? Visit https://www.osu.edu/ to begin your application process.

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