Nvidia Still Dominating AMD as RTX 3060 GPU Becomes Very Popular

Nvidia still dominating AMD as RTX 3060 GPU becomes very popular in its GPU market share in Q2, Nvidia saw a considerable spike.

Nvidia Still Dominating AMD as RTX 3060 GPU Becomes Very Popular

Nvidia Still Dominating AMD as RTX 3060 GPU Becomes Very Popular

Chip-making company Nvidia might have been failing in regards to its recent sale fails but here is some good news for Team Green which is a substantial spike in its market share with the firm still remaining the dominant GPU power. The RTX 3060 furthermore appears to the now shifting a great number of healthy units at the moment.

But before we go any further, let’s take a quick look at those market shares from Jon Peddie Research (JPR) an analyst as seen by Wccftech.

Nvidia Have A 78% Market Share In Q2

The statistics for Q2 of this very year reveal Nvidia with a 78% market share which is a chunky uptick of 4% when compared to Q1 with AMD failing from 24% down to 20% in the same timeframe. The remaining 1% of the market is taken by Intel with its new Arc discrete GPUs. That being said, Team Blue is now making very slight inroads in the desktop graphics card industry.

When compared to the same quarter last year, the company finds itself pretty much in the same position. In Q2 of 2021, Team Green has an 80% share and now it has 79% thus losing that single percentage to Intel. AMD a year ago was on 20% thus remaining on 20% as noted.

Additionally, as Etknik flagged up, looking at the recent steam hardware survey for the month of August, one very GPU which seems to be gathering sales momentum at the moment and thus helping the cause of Nvidia’s RTX 3060.

The RTX 3060 Desktop Graphics Card Is In Sixth Place in the Overall Sales Rankings

The RTX 3060 desktop graphics card is at the moment in sixth place in the overall sales rankings for Steam gamers, with a good 0.66% increase in the month of August, giving it an overall market share of 3.24%. It’s slightly behind the 3060 laptop GPU which is in fifth place and on 3.39%.

if you, therefore, put those together, you actually will get 6.63%, which technically makes the RTX 3060 (both desktop and laptop) more famous than the top-ranked GTX 1060, which is now on 6.6% after it experienced a fairly heavy drop of 0.52% this very month.

All of the Top 10 GPUs Are Nvidia Models

All of the top 10 GPUs which are all, of course, models of Nvidia fell in popularity in fact except for the RTX 3060 cards, and the RTX 3070 placed in the tenth position which picked up a marginal 0.03%.


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