Samsung Confirms Data Breach and Personal Data Stolen

Samsung confirms data breach and personal data stolen as reports coming in now claim that customer data of Samsung US has been breached with personal data being revealed in the process.

Samsung Confirms Data Breach and Personal Data Stolen

Samsung Confirms Data Breach and Personal Data Stolen

Tech Company Samsung has now confirmed that it suffered a data breach which therefore led to the personal information of its customers being leaked online. Samsung in a blog post revealed that customer data had been compromised on the 4th of august following a security breach in the past couple of weeks that followed.

The company further added that an ‘unauthorized third party’ had access and acquired some information from its Samsung US systems. Some of the information that was leaked includes contact information, date of birth, names, and product registration details. There are however no credit card numbers or social security numbers breached.

What Samsung Has To Say about the Data Breach

In its statement, Samsung said: “The information affected for each relevant customer may vary. We are notifying customers to make them aware of this matter.” The company also added that it has taken actions on its own end to secure its affected systems and has therefore “engaged a leading outside cybersecurity firm and are coordinating with law enforcement”

In regards to just how many customers were affected by this breach, the company did not release any precise information. The news of the reach occurred on the US labor holiday weekend, but the tech company, however, said that it is contacting customers that were affected now thus reassuring users that  “there is no immediate action necessary for any of Samsung’s platforms.”

Samsung’s Recommendation to Users In Light Of the Data Breach

Samsung did recommend that users avoid clicking on any links or attachments in emails that are unexpected or look suspicious and to also take care when they are dealing with any sort of communications that are asking for their personal information.

It also added that the devices of customers were not affected. That being said, Samsung devices can be used as usual.

The company said “we are committed to protecting the security and privacy of our customers. We have engaged leading cybersecurity experts and are coordinating with law enforcement. We will continue to work diligently to develop and implement immediate and longer-term next steps to further enhance the security across our systems.”

Samsung Confirmed In April 2022 That It Had Been Hit By the Lapsus$ Cybercrime Gang

This very news is the most recent in a series of incidents that are affecting Samsung at the moment which has proved to be a popular target for both criminals and hackers in the past couple of months. The company in April 2022 confirmed that it had been hit by the lapsus$ cybercrime gang which then published a 190GB data dump of intel that is allegedly belonging to the company and this is including a host of valuable and confidential technical data.


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