Nothing Reveals Its New Earbuds at London Fashion Week

Nothing reveals its new earbuds at fashion week, but I believe I speak for everyone who has taken keen interest on Nothing and what it has to offer that we need to see more than just catwalk looks.

Nothing Reveals Its New Earbuds at London Fashion Week

The company may have focused on see-through kits clearly, but it’s kind of weird that many people don’t know what is inside of it.

Nothing Reveals Its New Earbuds at London Fashion Week

Just as the name ‘Nothing,’ the company has not revealed any new piece of info in regards to its new earbuds as they stylishly showcased them at London fashion week.

Carl Pei, founder of Nothing has never chosen a straight or particular road when it comes to the company and this very recent fashion stunt of his is no exception. The products of Nothing were displayed all through designer Chet Lo’s SS23 runway show which is part of London fashion week this year, and this is including the yet-to-be-released earbuds case and the Nothing Phone 1 with its bright lights shining out from the stretchy translucent bag that it was kept in.

Useful Pieces of Information as Per Previous Leaks

If we are to go with previous leaks, the follow-up by Nothing to the Nothing Ear (1) earbuds do have a tube shape and stick-like case. And as you should have guessed, it is transparent. Unfortunately, we do not have any other piece of information to go with this.

Based on the images that have already been shared, the earbuds themselves do look relatively unchanged from the model prior to this one if you look closely, you can see them sticking out of one of the eras of the models but it is however quite impossible to know whether it is going to be troubling the best in the industry.

No Major Information Was Shared about Nothing’s New Earbuds

Right now, we cannot talk about the Nothing Ear (stick), if that gets to be the name in regards to the driver configuration, Bluetooth version, battery life, or any of its features such as ANC, on-ear touch controls, or transparency profiles. It will indeed be a stroke of genius to present these natural companions for the Nothing Phone 1 in this manner or utter lunacy. We really do not know anything, Nothing!


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