Google Pixel Watch Finally Unveiled

Google Pixel Watch was finally unveiled and its teaser video confirms both good and bad news for fans of smartwatches.

Google Pixel Watch Finally Unveiled

Google Pixel Watch Finally Unveiled

With the launch of the Pixel 7 smartphone edging closer, the American tech company has begun teasing its upcoming products which are set to debut on October 6 and the Google Pixel watch is one of the most recent products to get a really cool teaser video.

Google has just shared a video on YouTube that is titled The Design of Google Pixel Watch which as you have guessed shows the design of the Google Pixel Watch. And since Google already has shown off the smartwatch, there really isn’t much to see in regards to ‘new,’ apart from a couple of other interesting things of course.

The Teaser Shows Many Always-On Displays

If you are a smartwatch fan then there is good news for you as there are various multiple and several always-on displays that are shown throughout the video.

An always-on display as you already know is a very good idea and useful for any given gadget. This is so as it gives users useful pieces of information at a glance without having to turn on the device. For a smartwatch, the feature is even more useful as it gets to allow the user to make use of the wearable just like a normal watch, gleaning the time and so many other types of information really fast.

The video showcasing the Google pixel watch design depicts several designs of the always-on display, thus suggesting that you will get a lot of choices in regards to customization and this is something that is not always seen on smartwatches.

The Google Video Showcases a Proprietary Locking System That Seems New

The video however shows something that users are not all that keen on too and it is shown in one of the images shared online as it is in this piece. And while plenty of smartwatches make use of standard watch bands, with the sole catch of removing them, the Google video showcases a proprietary locking system that has not been seen before which is very much likely to make use of magnets.


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