Nothing Phone 2 Is Set To Be Released In the United States

Nothing Phone 2 is now set to be released in the US this very year. The CEO and founder of Nothing says that software will be a bigger and the main focus for the next phone lineup.

Nothing Phone 2

Nothing Phone 2

Just less than a month after the Nothing company launched the Phone (1) in the United States, the company is now coming with news that it is set to launch the Phone (2) in the United States in the later parts of the year. Inverse initially reported the release, but it was however confirmed by a spokesperson from Nothing to CNET via email.

Carl Pei, the CEO, and co-founder of Nothing in the interview with Inverse did not give out many details about the phone just so you know.

What the Company Has To Say about the New Development

“We’re developing a smartphone that’s more premium than the Nothing Phone (1) and software will be a big focus area for us,” the CEO said as per Inverse. Pei said that he describes the Phone (2) as “premium” as opposed to a flagship due to the fact that he sees the Phone (1) as a flagship and the Phone (2) on the other hand as a step up.

Pei also revealed to Inverse that the revenue and sales growth of Nothing allowed it to push I products more into the united states. Phone (1) was originally released to the United States as part and parcel of the Android 13 testing program.

“When you make a smartphone for the U.S. you need to work with the carriers on certification and adapting some of their features into your OS,” Pei stated per Inverse. “We didn’t have the resources for that before and now we do.”

Nothing Phone (1) Was Originally Released Outside Of the United States in July 2022

Nothing Phone (1) was originally released outside of the United States in July 2022, tagged as a much more reliable phone that will not let you break the bank. And while the phone offers users good performance as well as speed, the design however is what seems to set the Phone (1) apart from its counterparts as per Andrew Lanxon of CNET.


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