Nintendo Switch’s The Batman: Arkham Trilogy Release Date Delayed

Nintendo Switch’s The Batman: Arkham Trilogy release date delayed for another two months. This means that Arkham has no choice but to wait. And for the gamers on the other hand who have been waiting patiently for the release of this one, they will have to wait for two months more.

Nintendo Switch’s The Batman: Arkham Trilogy

Nintendo Switch’s The Batman: Arkham Trilogy

Batman: Arkham Trilogy which was originally scheduled to launch on October 13 on Nintendo Switch has now been pushed back two months from the initial date. And right now, the collection is all set to make its launch on December 1 as confirmed by a tweet from the official Batman: Arkham Trilogy page.

The tweet alongside the announcement of the delay reads: “More time is needed to bring players the best possible experience on Nintendo Switch. We apologize to fans who are excited to play this version of the trilogy. Thank you for your patience.”

How Players Are Taking the News of the Delay

Although delay announcements are at most times met with confusion as well as disappointment, many players are surprisingly replying positively to the Tweet, with one user in question saying: “Please take all the time that you need so us fans can have the best version of the product. Thank you.”

Following the not-so-smooth launch of Mortal Kombat 1 on Nintendo Switch, which was reportedly slammed as ‘garbage’ by gamers, it is probably in the best interest to keep the trilogy under development on the console rather than just releasing something that is half-baked and then facing the backlash.

Other Game Titles Delay Arkham Is Facing

However, this is not the only delay that Arkham is facing at the moment. Alongside the Batman: Arkham Trilogy, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League on the other hand has faced a delay this year which was reportedly announced back in April. This is however the second delay that Kill the Justice League has faced, with the very first pushing the 2022 release back to a May 2023 launch date. The game in the early parts of this year received yet another delay and it is now scheduled to release in the year 2024.

Will This Be The Only Delay Of The Title?

Hopefully, this new development will be the only delay Batman: Arkham Trilogy receives, and it also will not be too long just before we will be able to prowl Arkham on the hybrid console, ourselves.



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