Gotham Knights New Trailer – Nightwing Latest Charater Features

Gotham Knight just recently revealed a brand new trailer at the summer Game fest Live presentation. This new trailer showcases Night wing in the latest character feature.

Gotham Knights New Trailer

Nightwing Latest Charater Features

The Gotham Knights trailer covers Nightwing, the adult version of the first-ever Robin, Dick Grayson. This game is set in a Batman-less Gotham, and while the support of his family is with him, Nightwing finds himself carrying the burden of being the protector of Gotham.

This trailer showcases a lot of new moves and customizations and it is one great jumping-off point if you are not familiar with the character. It seems very clear that Nightwing would be playing the role of acting as somewhat of a leader for the gang.

Pay attention to the number of hair cuts that you are able to give him too, from his normal bangs to a ponytail to an interesting buzzcut. It looks certainly like you would have a lot of ways to customize your Nightwing in-game. You can check the game trailer via this link.

Gotham Knights Characters

During the presentation, we discovered that this is the first trailer in an upcoming series of character features, with three more that showcase other characters of the game that are playable. These characters include:

  • Batgirl
  • Redhood
  • Time Drake’s Robin and more.

Gotham Knights is a very amazing game, it places its focus on characters that are usually supporting players in the world of Batman. The new batman game sees the four trying their best to navigate through the death of Bruce Wayne. It is up to them to fill up those big shoes, coming together to make their city a lot safer.

Arkham Knights Game

While the WB Games Montreal has worked previously in the Arkham universe with Arkham Origins this title has tried to distance itself from that series and act as a separate story to that world.

With that stated, the gameplay appears to be heavily influenced by that franchise, and there will be some special attention paid to four-player co-op combat in Gotham Knights, with each of the players being able to take up a member of the broader Bat-People. The game would be released on the 25 of October on the PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.


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