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NHEF Young Scholars Programme 2022 is a yearly grant offered For Nigerians by Nigerian Higher Education Foundation. The foundation seeks to identify exceptional and talented young Nigerians from the various Partner Universities that have shown strong academic excellence and vast experience both in professional and extracurricular pursuits, Young scholars are also provided with intensive career training and skill-building exercises needed to aid them in long term career development.

NHEF Young Scholars Programme 2022 For Nigerians

The primary role for the establishment of the NHEF Young Scholars Programme is to provide the needed help for young Nigerian undergraduate students who are enrolled in any of the Nigerian Higher Education Foundation Partner Universities in Nigeria for the 2022 academic session.

The Partnership for Higher Education in Africa (PHEA) was launched in 2000 by 4 institutions based on the belief that higher education was critical to Africa’s rebirth. Initially, the partnership included Rockefeller Foundation, Ford Foundation, John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the Carnegie Foundation of New York and after a few years, 3 Foundations which include: Mellon Foundation, Kresge Foundation, and Hewlett Foundation joined the Partnership  For Higher Education In Africa (PHEA)

Benefits and Goals of NHEF Young Scholars Programme for Nigerians

We have outlined some of the aims and benefits of NHEF Young Scholars Programme below:

  • The Foundation in partnership with stakeholders seeks to bring about a substantial increase in the number of well-educated Nigerians assuming positions of leadership in Nigeria and around the world.
  • To actualize this goal, the skill gaps in key sectors of the economy are addressed by providing talented Nigerian university students with a variety of programs ranging from critical on-the-job training to practical skills workshops.
  • The Nigerian Higher Education Foundation, with the help of its partner firms, provides world-class training and support to their Scholars, enabling them to compete effectively in the job market.
  • Additionally, talented students are offered the opportunity to enter the corporate sector through leading companies in key industries in Nigeria by NHEF. Target industries include financial services, corporate law, engineering, and technology.

Requirements for NHEF Young Scholars Programme for Nigerians Qualification

In other to check your eligibility for the NHEF Young scholars program, the below criteria would guide you towards knowing the requirements involved

  • The Scholarship is restricted to students who are enrolled in an NHEF partner university in their second to the last year can apply. Nigerian Higher Education Foundation will review the registration of each applicant with the Registrar of the University.
  • The Scholarship benefits depend on the student’s degree program.
  • To be among successful NHEF Scholars, each candidate is expected to have a strong commitment to Leadership, Community Service, Philanthropy and also make a lasting impact across the globe.
  • Student applicants at NHEF Partner universities for instance 3rd-year students studying a 4 years course or 4th-year students studying a 5 years course. Meanwhile, we have previously listed all the  NHEF Partner Universities above.

How to Apply For NHEF Young Scholars Programme

You can visit the official webpage of this scholarship programme below to learn more about the scholarship and how to apply.

NHEF Young Scholars Programme FAQS

  • Am in my final year, can I still apply for the Scholars Program?

NHEF Young Scholars program is designed specifically for penultimate year students. But then applications for final year students will be reviewed and decisions made subsequently based on a case basis. Evidence of your year’s study would be required if you are offered a place in the program.

  • I have already completed an internship with NHEF-partner firms, does this matter?

No, it does not.

  • What are the grade requirements for the NHEF Scholars Program?

The minimum grade requirement for NHEF is Second-Class (Upper) or equivalent expected upon graduation.

  • Can I still apply to NHEF Scholars Program even though am not on track for first or second class?

You can still apply, however, you may need to provide reasons and substantial proof like medical issues, for which the applicant would have to provide official documentation.

  • Can someone who is not a student of any of the NHEF’s Partner Universities apply?

You must be studying at one of the NHEF Partner Universities to be eligible. Meanwhile, in the nearest future, Non-Partner Universities may be eligible for the program


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