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Ellucian (or Ellucian software) is a software technology that proffers solutions for the modern student specifically to meet the needs of higher education. This software service provider is cloud-based that helps higher education institutions with professional solutions to create a connected campus. Ellucian software is designed for universities, colleges of services, as it provides solutions for departments such as advancement/ alumni relations, finance, Information Technology (IT), student services, human resources, recruiting, and admissions. Ellucian handles all these aspects of any higher educational institution individually and yet still connects it all together as one campus.



This is a global company serving higher education institutions in more than 50 countries. It has its corporate headquarters in Reston, Virginia, United States. Ellucian helps users to create strategies, manage resources, and deploy services to achieve educational objectives and priorities. Ellucian makes use of analytics, cloud, and system integration to proffer these solutions.

Ellucian guides over two thousand, seven hundred (2,700) customers in more than 50 countries, improving operations and enhancing the user experience for their facilities, staff, and over 20 million students. The key aims of the Ellucian are;

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  • Exclusive focus on higher education: this is their one and only priority and Ellucian is committed to helping institutions modernize and thrive- now and for years to come.
  • The leader in higher education cloud transformation: with over 700 cloud and SaaS deployments, the leader in higher education cloud transformation is a proven expert in guiding colleges to successful, sustainable change at a pace that works for them.
  • A vast and vibrant customer community: Ellucian customers get exclusive access to the collected wisdom of your peers.
  • Smart solutions for better insights: get a clearer picture of your entire institution with data-rich views into all your programs and departments. This would help Ellucian make informed decisions and create stronger outcomes for every stakeholder.

Ellucian Locations

As earlier mentioned, Ellucian has several locations in more than 50 countries. Aside the headquarters, Ellucian has several other offices. There are other offices in the United States which are referred to as the U.S. offices and every other office outside the United States are referred to as the International offices.

In the U.S., there are offices in Malvern, Pennsylvania; Frisco, Texas; Rochester, New York; and Lake Mary, Florida. While the international office is in Australia & New Zealand; Puebla, México; Santiago, Chile; The Netherlands; India; United Arab Emirates; Ireland; and the United Kingdom.


Ellucian proffers solutions that help to somewhat simplify the complexities of any modern higher institution. With the solutions from Ellucian software, helps you see your institution in a whole new light. You can get a clear view of every program, department, and critical metric with solutions built to address the complexities of higher education.

There are solutions for every department and team. Ellucian uses data-driven insights that drive innovations and problems-solving, a connected and fully optimized technology environment, students, staff, and faculty equipped with the information they need to succeed.

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The solutions Ellucian offers include;

  • Enterprise Resource Planning & Student Information Systems.
  • Constituent Relationship Management.
  • Integration & Analytics.

Ellucian can be used for;

  • 4-year public institution
  • 4-year private institution
  • 2-year public institution
  • 2-year private institution
  • University consortium
  • System
  • Continuing Ed/ Workforce Development
  • For-profit institution
  • Ellucian is not restricted to a particular type of higher institution, it can be used for all.

Ellucian Resources

Ellucian makes use of several resources. This goes to say that most of the resources needed to achieve the modern higher end can all be found here, form white papers to solution sheets. They are grouped in to;

  • Brochure: Ellucian Managed Services – Private College Testimonials, Learn more about Ellucian Banner Self-Service, Ellucian Banner System Vulnerability Update FAQ.
  • Demo: Exceeding Student Expectations with Ellucian Experience, Boost performance and transform your student experience, Manage and grow your continuing education and workforce development programs, Stay on top of expenses.
  • eBook: Teaching online: Your guide to ensuring academic continuity, Information security for higher education, Ellucian Spend Management – Real ROI, How to build an engagement scoring program, Pathways to the cloud.
  • Partner: WebsiteAlive – Best practices for colleges, Evisions and Ellucian, 360 MatchPro by Double the Donation Overview, CourseLeaf – Confidence in your curriculum.
  • Solution sheet: Ellucian Solution Advisors, Ellucian Strategic Consulting, Ellucian Institutional Transformation, Ellucian Academic Operation Services.
  • Success story: Mt. San Antonio College – Developing an online assessment tool for course placement, Midlands Technical College – Reaching Gen Z students through mobile communications, College of Southern Maryland – Finding near completers and getting them to the next stage.
  • Video: eLive online platform walkthrough, the American University in Cairo: Enhancing the student experience with cloud technology, finding the right strategic technology partner.
  • On-Demand Webinar: SECURITY, privacy, and compliance in the cloud, advocating for higher education with the HEROES Act, Ellucian banner: pathways to self-service, how the cloud powers the modern institution.
  • White paper: Security in Ellucian’s cloud, Ovum – driving transformation and supporting strategic initiatives in the cloud, digital transformation: shared technology environments deliver greater benefits than going it alone.

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There are some comprehensive next-generation solutions for higher education that helps you to stay agile, reduce cost, and integrate information across your institution. These are made possible by the products Ellucian uses. These products are all categorized the solutions they proffer. They include;

  • Ellucian Banner
  • Ellucian Colleague
  • Ellucian Spend Management Suite Powered by Chrome River and ESM Solutions
  • Ellucian PowerCampus
  • Ellucian Quercus
  • Ellucian Elevate
  • Ellucian CRM Recruit
  • Ellucian CRM Advise
  • Ellucian CRM Advance
  • Ellucian Degree Works
  • Ellucian Ethos
  • Ellucian Analytics
  • Ellucian Workflow
  • Ellucian Intelligent Learning Platform
  • Ellucian Mobile
  • Ellucian Experience
  • Ellucian Portal

These are some of the products that are being used by Ellucian software company to get the desired solutions your institution needs.

Ellucian Partners

The Ellucian software company has a network of partners that is built to support colleges and universities with complementary software and services that ensure institutions can achieve their mission.

The partners of Ellucian are grouped into two. The;

  • Technology Partners: these partners deliver software applications, technology infrastructure, and services that extend, enhance, and integrate with Ellucian’s core solutions.
  • Channel Partners: the channel partners are selected to sell and service Ellucian solutions to higher education institutions in global regions.

Ellucian works with its partners to provide innovative solutions that help their higher education customers reach their goals. Ellucian have partners like;

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  • Acadeum
  • ACI
  • Ad Astra Information System
  • Advantage Design Group
  • Adirondack Solutions
  • ADVIZOR Solutions
  • Akademos
  • WebsiteAlive
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Barnes & Noble Education
  • Blackboard
  • Axiom Elite
  • Bluewater
  • Business IT
  • AMTdirect
  • ASG Technologies
  • Axentit

These are some of the partners to Ellucian Software Company.


At Ellucian, there are several job opportunities to grow one’s career. Ellucian offers you more than a job, it offers a meaningful career at the forefront of higher education technology. if you are looking to build a career for yourself, you can take a job at Ellucian in;

  • Client Services and Consulting
  • Cloud
  • Customer success
  • Finance, accounting, and operations
  • Information technology and security
  • Marketing and communications
  • People team
  • Product and engineering
  • Sales and sales operations

Getting a job at Ellucian, you would be asked to create an account for the career opportunities. Creating this account would only require your name, email, a password of your choice, your country/ region of residence. After creation, you would be notified via your email if there is a job opening in the company for you as frequently as you have chosen.

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Ellucian Events

The company holds several events per year like conferences, webinars, seminars, and other events. If you want to be a part of these events, you can be abreast of them. To be in the know follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Ellucian official web page which is Ellucian.
  • Click on the three horizontal lines which is the menu icon. This would open a drop-down menu.
  • Click on our company and another menu would be displayed.
  • Click on events.

By clicking this, all the upcoming events and their details would be displayed. Now you can keep track of the event of your interest.

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