Newcastle University PhD Scholarship in Mitochondria and Nuclear Positioning in Skeletal Muscle (£18,622 Award Value) | Apply Now!

Are you enthusiastic about using cutting-edge imaging techniques, researching mitochondrial biology, and making important contributions to science? If yes, Newcastle University invites you to apply for its 2024 PhD Scholarship in Mitochondria and nuclear positioning in skeletal muscle.

Newcastle University PhD Scholarship

This scholarship is an excellent opportunity offered to a talented and driven Individual, to become a member of Newcastle University’s team. Previous research on patients with mitochondrial myopathy, a disorder marked by mitochondrial malfunction, has shown some interesting structural alterations.

Scholarship Overview

The university has noticed a rise in the number of nanotunnels; double membrane connections between mitochondria that are not next to each other. Also, early data indicates that people with mitochondrial myopathy may have different arrangements of myonuclei, which are the nuclei found in muscle cells.

Newcastle University boasts world-class facilities for electron microscopy and bioimaging, as well as highly qualified personnel with a focus on mitochondrial biology. With the use of these outstanding resources, they want to create Correlative Live Light and Electron Microscopy, a novel technique for studying mitochondria in cells and tissues. You can be a part of this journey!

Main Objectives:

  • Describe how each muscle fiber’s myonuclei are positioned in respect to the function of the mitochondria.
  • Integrate Transmission EM and 3D volume EM techniques with live fluorescent light microscopy to enhance and improve the CLEM methodology.
  • Create effective labeling methods in this system for various targets of mitochondrial proteins.
  • Use the CLEM methodology to explore the effects of conducting siRNA knockdown studies that target important regulators of mitochondrial dynamics and myonuclear location.

By improving imaging techniques, this initiative will help Newcastle researchers in the future comprehend a range of biological processes more thoroughly and offer fresh perspectives on the basic biology of mitochondria and how it relates to mitochondrial myopathy.

Scholarship Benefits

Successfully selected candidates will receive an annual stipend of £18,622 (2023/2024 rate) and tuition fees (paid at the home rate) are included, along with funding for research expenses.

The difference between the domestic and international fees will need to be covered by international candidates.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for the Newcastle University PhD Scholarship in Mitochondria and Nuclear Positioning in Skeletal Muscle, Applicants:

  • Must possess an Undergraduate or graduate degree in a relevant field
  • Present an IELTS score of 6.5 where the first language is not English, with a minimum of 5.5 in each area.
  • Before receiving their visa and enrolling in this programme, international applicants might need to provide an ATAS clearance certificate.

How to Apply

Go to the University’s Apply to Newcastle Portal at

  • Enter “Postgraduate Research” under “Type of Study,”
  • “Full Time” under “Mode of Study,”
  • “2024” under “Year of Entry,”
  • Code “8440F” under “Course Title,” and
  • “Blank” under “Research Area” in the “Course Choice” tab.
  • Choose “PhD Translational and Clinical Research (FT)” by pressing the “Search” button, then save your choice.

For more details, visit the Newcastle University website at

Application Documents

You have two options: compose their “Personal Statement” or submit a document. In the “Studentship/Partnership Reference,” enter the code “TC076.” Choose “Write Proposal” when asked to submit a research proposal.

Enter the study project’s title that you found in this advertisement. Research proposals are not necessary. You can attach your resume and cover letter as well; in the latter, please explain how your background and interests connect to the project.

Transcripts or certificates of your degree and, if English is not your first language, a copy of your completed English language certification are required to be submitted.

Application Deadline

April 30, 2024.

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