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Are you are a senior leader who wants to transform the future of business and tackle the sustainability challenge, you should join the Swedish Institute (SI) Global Executive Programme and learn from Sweden’s best sustainability examples, business leaders and experts.

Swedish Institute (SI) Global Executive Programme 2024
Swedish Institute (SI) Global Executive Programme 2024

The SI Global Executive Programme was designed to foster innovative business executives. Who wants to create a future that is not only economically strong but also socially and ecologically sustainable? It showcases Sweden’s outstanding achievements in developing sustainable solutions. And enables the sharing of its rich heritage of sustainable business practices with the world.

The SI Global Executive Programme is aimed at senior executives, including CEOs and top corporate managers. The programme helps them embed sustainability into the core of their business, making it a key strategic priority.

Participants gain priceless insights from a leading edge in the global sustainability movement. One of the programme’s distinctive features is its global scope, bringing together 100 leaders from 22 countries to form a diverse pool of views, experiences and opportunities.

Programme Details

The SI Global Executive Programme is specifically designed for high-level executives, such as CEOs and top corporate leaders. To embed sustainability deeply within a business, transforming it from a mere initiative to a fundamental strategic necessity. Participants benefit from valuable insights at the forefront of the global sustainability movement. A key strength of the program is its global perspective. Bringing together 100 leaders from 22 countries to foster a diverse exchange of perspectives, experiences, and opportunities.

Scheduled to run from May to November 2024, the SI Global Executive Programme will feature online sessions throughout its duration, along with a one-week onsite module in Sweden. The program entails lectures, coaching sessions, interactive workshops, and meetings with representatives from different Swedish companies and organizations. More than just a series of lectures, the program offers a dynamic and engaging experience that challenges participants to actively participate and contribute.

Programme Component

  • Foundation (May – June): The foundation sessions, conducted online in both large and small group formats (organized by region and randomly mixed). Include coaching and exploration of the latest advancements in sustainability in business and the green transition. These sessions are created to equip participants with the essential resources and assistance to improve their abilities in leading change and to start working on their strategic business project.
  • Strategic business project (June – October): Participants are tasked with identifying a challenge or opportunity relevant to their role or based on their organization’s overall business needs and current sustainability approaches. They receive assistance in applying the knowledge, ideas, and inspiration gained from the program. The objective of the strategic business project is to produce tangible and measurable outcomes that facilitate learning through practical experience, enabling the launch or management of change initiatives that can continue post-program. Participants are guided to select a project that delivers a return on investment for their program participation.
  • Tailored high-quality masterclasses, offered online (August – October): These masterclasses are customized to improve participants’ understanding and expertise in their specific fields of interest and need as they work on their strategic business projects. Access to these masterclasses is limited to participants who have completed the previous components of the program successfully.
  • Onsite Sweden week (October 14-18, excluding travel days): This interactive and immersive event gathers 100 program participants in Sweden, offering a one-of-a-kind chance to connect with global peers and interact with Swedish business leaders and experts. The week includes field visits, workshops, and opportunities to explore Swedish culture and nature. This experience aims to bolster participants’ change leadership skills and refine their strategic business projects. Participation in Sweden Week is exclusive to participants who have completed the program’s earlier components.
  • Way forward, online & regionally onsite (November): In the final component of the SI Global Executive Programme, participants put their strategic business projects into action. They impart their knowledge and abilities with colleagues and stakeholders, commemorate early accomplishments, and forge robust connections within a worldwide network of sustainability leaders and through their home country’s Swedish embassy.


  • Comprehensive understanding of social, environmental, and economic sustainability within planetary limits – from a business standpoint
  • Enhanced proficiency in utilizing and implementing strategies for sustainable business development and the green transition – from a holistic viewpoint Improved abilities and competencies to drive change and effectively navigate complexity
  • Valuable insights from diverse business cases on sustainability in Sweden, a country renowned for its sustainable business practices
  • Mentorship from industry experts to support personal growth and business development
  • Exclusive opportunity for intimate teamwork and sharing of expertise with experienced colleagues at a high level, creating a strong global professional network.
  • Chance to engage and network with Swedish businesses and organizations
  • Access to the extensive global Swedish Institute Alumni Network, comprising over 19,000 leaders committed to leadership and sustainability.

Participation in the SI Global Executive Programme is offered at no cost. The Swedish Institute organizes and covers expenses related to:

  • Educational program
  • Flights to and from Sweden for the on-site visit during Sweden week
  • Accommodation, meals, transportation, and insurance while in Sweden.

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants applying to the SI Global Executive Programme must fulfill the following criteria:

  • Hold citizenship and residency in one of the designated programme countries, including Bangladesh, Brazil, China, Colombia, Egypt, Georgia, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, Moldova, Morocco, Nigeria, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Türkiye, Ukraine, or Vietnam.
  • Ukrainian applicants residing outside of Ukraine are also eligible to apply.
  • Occupy a leadership role, such as CEO or senior executive, in a medium to large company tasked with driving strategic changes within the organization.
  • Be aged 30 or above (born no later than 1994).
  • Possess a proficient command of both written and spoken English.
  • Hold a completed post-secondary education equivalent to a bachelor’s degree or higher.
  • Be willing to actively engage, offer support, and exchange experiences and knowledge with fellow participants.
  • Identify business needs or challenges that could be addressed during the programme to enhance their company’s contribution to a more sustainable world.

Additionally, the applicant’s company must meet the following criteria:

  • Be locally owned and headquartered in one of the programme countries.
  • Operate within sectors associated with the green transition or on the verge of making significant commitments related to the green transition (e.g., industries in renewable energy, green buildings, , waste management, water management, land management, and clean transportation).
  • Demonstrate a commitment to conducting business sustainably and implementing sustainable practices within the organization.

How To Apply For the Swedish Institute (SI) Global Executive Programme 2024

Only applicants who have completed their application will be considered for the programme. For a successful  submission of your application, kindly follow these steps:

  • Create a profile on the SI Global Executive Programme 2024 – Swedish Institute: Leadership application portal .
  • Choose the programme for which you wish to apply (applications are now being accepted for the SI Global Executive Programme).
  • Complete all sections of the application portal by answering the questions provided in the left-hand menu.
  • Upload your CV according to the portal’s instructions.
  • Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email in Dream Apply.
  • You will also be sent a message through Dream Apply with a link to create a brief video. Follow the instructions provided, answering two questions within two minutes each. The recording should be done in a quiet environment, preferably using headphones with a microphone. Please note that recording the video is mandatory.

For More Information Visit the Official Website of the Swedish Institute (SI) Global Executive Programme.      

Application Deadline 

March 12, 2024.

Wish you the best of luck!



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