How to Apply for a Swedish Student Visa

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering studying in Sweden, this Northern European country is known for its top-notch education system and of course amazing culture. But here is the thing, before you will be accepted to study in Sweden, you need to apply for a student visa, get your application approved, and be granted a visa to enter Sweden.

How to Apply for a Swedish Student Visa

Without your student visa, you cannot enter Sweden for academic purposes, other visa types like tourist visas will grant you access to enter the country but not for study purposes. If you wish to study in Sweden, here is how to apply for a Swedish student visa.

How to Apply for a Swedish student visa

To apply for a visa in Sweden, you must first, check if you are eligible for a visa, the thing is, having the desire to study in a country does not qualify you for a visa.

Check if you are eligible for a Swedish student visa

Every visa has its requirements; you must meet these requirements before you obtain a visa.

To be eligible for a Swedish student visa, you must secure admission into a Swedish institution of learning, and receive an acceptance letter.

Get accepted to a Swedish University

First things first, you need to secure admission to a Swedish university or institution. Once you have secured admission, your school will give you an acceptance letter.

Your acceptance letter is a crucial document for your visa application, so make sure you meet all the admission requirements.

Gather your documents

With your acceptance letter in your hands, you can now check if you meet other student visa requirements, there are documents you will need for the visa application process, so gather them together. Below is a checklist of the documents you’ll need:

  • You will need your passport; your passport should have at least six months of validity beyond your planned stay in Sweden.
  • You also need to download and fill out the Swedish student visa application form, you can find the form online on the Swedish immigration authority website.
  • You also need a recent passport-sized photo and it must meet Sweden’s visa photo requirements.
  • Proof of acceptance to a Swedish university or institution – your acceptance letter.
  • Proof of sufficient funds to cover your living expenses during your stay in Sweden. For this part, you can submit your bank statements, scholarship letters (if you are on scholarship), or a financial guarantee from a sponsor (if you are being sponsored by someone).
  • Health insurance that covers your entire stay in Sweden.
  • Lastly, you will need a detailed study plan outlining your course of study.

Once you provide all of this, you can proceed with the application. The next step is to pay your student visa application fee.

Pay the application fee

The application fee is not static, it changes from time to time, currently, the fee for a Swedish student visa is around SEK 1,500 (Swedish Krona). Before you pay, make sure you check the latest fee information on the Swedish Migration Agency’s website.

Schedule an appointment

Next, you can schedule an appointment with the Swedish embassy or consulate in your home country. You can book this appointment online and do it well in advance.

Attend the interview

During your appointment, you’ll be interviewed by a visa officer. Ensure you prepare before going for the interview, expect questions about your study plan, how long you plan to stay, why you chose Sweden, and if you will stay back after your studies.

Wait for processing

After the interview, you have to wait for your visa to be processed and a decision made on your application, during the processing time, you can follow up online by checking the status of your visa using their online visa status checker tool.

Receive your residence permit

Once your application is approved, you’ll receive a residence permit card. With your visa in hand, you can now make travel plans to Sweden. Make sure to arrive before the start date of your program.

Every student visa application is complex especially if it’s your first time, you can follow the steps here; examine your eligibility before starting, secure admission into a Swedish school, gather your documents including your acceptance letter, complete the application form, and submit.

If you do everything right, your application will be approved and with your student visa secured, you can travel to Sweden for your academics. Remember to start applying as early as possible. Best of luck!

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